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September 08, 2012



If you really want one, this radio is three bucks cheaper at Amazon. Free shipping there, too.


From what I've read of Amazon reviews of this radio brand (there are a few different models), this appears to be a low quality radio with below average performance.


If you're looking for something that will pull in more than strong local stations radios from Quantum FX/Supersonic aren't for you.

If it's an inexpensive MP3 player with a speaker you want they get the job done, and I will admit that I like them for that reason alone, but if the radio part of it is really important to you don't waste your money.

I have several and they range from barn door wide at worst to average at best.

They are fun to play with, and again alright for listening to MP3 files, but hardcore radio lovers and DX enthusiasts are bound to be disappointed.

For their price that shouldn't surprise anyone. Often you do get what you pay for and these radios are no exception to the rule.

That being said I have yet another one of their "boomboxes" on the way that should be here tomorrow. Why? Well, it was dirt cheap and I'm hoping maybe it's in stereo unlike this thing...

I love the idea of the combination of new and old technology, and I'm hoping maybe, just maybe they got this one right. I kind of doubt it, but we'll see. For that price I figured it was worth the gamble.


I was hot to try one of the cool looking Quantum FX radios----price range around thirty or forty bucks. I decided to test the waters by getting a Quantum FX mini flashlight radio for under ten dollars. It is such junk----I gave it to my seven year old as a toy. It proved to me that if they would put that name on something that poor----they can't be trusted. I'm glad I didn't waste more money and have a larger radio to get rid of.

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