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September 08, 2012



Sony ICR-S71 AM Field Radio, about $100 shipped from Japan. See

You have to put your order in through http://www.whiterabbitjapan.com

The price they will quote you, based on Amazon Japan's price (http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B00009VSBA) will come to US $78.98.

You then have to estimate the shipping fee from here:

I think the radio and its box are under 700 grams so this means a fee of 1860 yen or $23.77.

Total will then come to $102.75.

The question is whether this radio is worth $100 ...


It comes down to what the main purpose of a watch is. At this point - in this age - it is not about telling time, at least for me. A watch is primarily a "manaccecessory" - a piece of jewelry for men. Yes, it is supposed to tell time and be able to do so in most conditions, but it is really secondary to the aesthetics of it. Again, at least for me.


Well, there we differ. If a widget does nothing except tell people I like pointless glitter, I won't waste my money on it. If it's a tool, it had better be able to perform its function as a tool, whether I actually need it to do that today or not.

This is not an unusual symptom among men. Endless debates on online forums about whether a car is stable above 120 mph from people who never drive over 60. Endless debates and much cash spent on handguns for protecting against grizzlies from guys who have never seen a bear. Workshops full of shiny tools that are never used.

Still, I think it's not too much to ask that you be able to TELL TIME from a watch, for Rice's cake! At least a tool that works, unused, you MIGHT be able to use it some day. A tool that serves no function and can serve none-- just throw it in the trash and stop wasting your time.


Of course a watch should function, but that's not what I'm talking about - or rather, there are endless degrees of functionality, and for me the lume isn't an absolute must. Preferred? Yes, but I will never stop myself from buying or enjoying a watch I love the aesthetics of based upon lume.

A watch without lume still functions. I can tell you that I rarely--almost never, really--actually "need" the lume. It is pretty cool when I leave a lit hallway and go down my darker stairs and can see the lume, or show it to my daughters when I'm tucking them in. But I can't remember a time when I looked at my watch and was unable to read it, or couldn't just check my cellphone.

I don't wear a watch to bed and there is always a lit clock in my bedroom, or a hotel room. When I camp I can just check my cellphone if need be.

If anything I would say that, for me at least, lume is more an aspect of aesthetics than of functionality. Of course it is both, but my enjoyment of it comes more on the side of "wow, cool" than "damn this watch, I can't read it in this dark pit."


I will concede to having one combat watch in my collection. I currently own two. I have to confess I don't wear them or haven't in months.

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