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October 23, 2012



Whoa, that's one massive paragraph there. When I wrote that I THINK I split it into paragraphs, but who knows.

One facet not really explored in the above is that part of the fun of watch collecting is buying and receiving a new watch on a relatively frequent basis. If I allot myself, say, $2000 a year to spend on watches I can either buy one or two low-end luxury watches or a dozen $150-200 watches. I'd rather enjoy the feeling of a new watch every month or so.

The only time I've actually held a luxury watch was a student's Omega. It was really nice, but simply in terms of tactile, perceptible quality, it didn't seem worth the three grand or so that it cost. I mean let's be honest: A lot of the cache of "Rolex" or "Breitling" or "Omega" is status and ego. I honestly don't care too much about that sort of thing and primarily look to aesthetics. As long as a watch is solid quality, I'm going to focus on how it looks and feels. The quality of luxury watches is generally superior, but most of it is hidden - the hand-crafting that you don't see on the outside.

A mid-range Seiko or a Reserve Invicta doesn't feel THAT much less well built than an Omega, or at least I simply don't have the connoisseurship to see it in the same way that while I can tell the difference between a $15 and $5 bottle of wine, the difference between a $15 and $30 bottle is less noticeable (if at all). That is why my Invicta 0524 really stands out - it is a uniquely crafted time piece that is a joy to own.


Jonny: Also, note that on the luxury watches, there is a "maintenance" cost that shouldn't be overlooked. Often, even the quartz luxury watches must be returned to dealers for battery replacement (or at least that is recommended) and it's not eight bucks. My wife's Rolex----needed a "regular" service and I recall that was over $600.00, enough for a few really nice new watches!


Yeah, I forgot about that.

I really can't seem myself ever spending about a grand on a watch. I'd like a Breitling, but even they aren't "all that" or that much nicer--aesthetically speaking--than my favorite Seikos and Invictas.

For $600 I could replace any watch I own twice or more!


And sadly, I'm not even sure what I can get for her Rolex. (My wife passed away early----and she'd probably want me to sell that Rolex instead of letting it collect dust!) I spoke to my friend who owns a jewelry store----she told me my wife's model is a "common" Rolex-----from the 1980s I believe----and while it's worth something, it's not a huge demand item. I paid the $600.00 to get it serviced when my wife was sick----so she barely wore it since then. I'd hope I can make that back, and then some, if I sold it. Otherwise, I'll keep it for the memories.


For me - it's always been about the chase - I love hitting the forums and finding the next 'great' deal.

Truth is - I'm hard on my watches, and purchasing a watch over $500 would not make fiscal sense to me. I've gone through more Orient Mako's and Seiko 007's you can shake a stick at - but when I can find them for $100 used on one of the forums - who cares? They're fun to buy and fun to wear and fun to beat up. Same goes for G-Shocks - they can be had relatively cheap, some have really nice solar/atomic/abc complications, and you can hit 'em with a hammer and keep going. Fun.

- Adam


Too much choice can be as bad as no choice. The pursuit of a new novelty becomes addictive. If there's an item you've been lusting after for months or years, once you have it you will still eventually take it for granted, and it'll fade in to the background of your life. Then you'll be out looking for that thrill again, and it never ends. This is why even if I could afford a bunch of watches I probably wouldn't build a huge collection. For me, sentimental value is as important as monetary value. If i've had a decent looking reliable watch for several years and become attached to it, i'd feel weird wearing something different - like an old belt or comfortable shoes. With a huge collection i'd probably suffer the cognitive dissonance problem of not being able to choose what I wanted to wear, becoming paralysed like one of Asimov's robots.

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