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November 26, 2012



I'm with Angelo on this one. There's something about radio being "live" that holds my interest much better than something I can download and listen to anytime. I understand the complaints that there's not much good on radio these days, but there's usually SOMETHING you can find out there - you just have to look. For more obscure content than what is on radio I usually find myself surfing youtube videos as opposed to listening to podcasts.


I agree with Angelo and Brandon.

I do find there is a lot more "paid programming" on the weekends than there used to be. This amounts to nothing more than a 30 or 60 minute commercial. I avoid these shows.


I do like some of the paid financial advisor shows. Ric Edelman has a good show----and so does "The Mutual Fund Store." There are also paid shows for legal advsiors that have great formats and are very informative. These are the exceptions though----usually, paid programming is lousy.

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