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December 17, 2012



Jeff, see

Also from

There is an option you can configure that overrides the "low toner" warning.

Menu -> General setup -> toner -> continue -> OK

This can be found on page 30 of the manual

Make sure you shake the toner well so that everything inside is distributed evenly.

Jeffrey McMahon

Paul, thanks for the toner advice. However, the far more serious problem is that the printer reads out of paper and won't print or copy anything no matter what we do with the troubleshooting instructions. Now my wife is trying to figure it out. After a couple of days if nothing works, we may start shopping for a new printer. Dang.


I need to find a way to clear the no paper message.


uhmm ... all I can find is this:


Thanks, Paul. At least I got it working. Thanks to my wife. I'll keep the sensors clean from now on. They appear to be hyper sensitive.


Jeff - Some laser printers come with a "starter" toner cartridge that prints fewer pages than the normal toner cartridge. Read the model number on the toner cartridge and look up its page capacity online, then try to estimate how many pages you've printed so far.


Thanks, Gary. That's encouraging. I hope it was starter toner indeed.


Where are those sensors?


DO NOT confuse "Rollers" with "Sensors." The Rollers should be wiped with a damp cloth, as well as the pad in the paper tray.


Where are the sensors?


Hey Jeff, where do can we go about finding those sensor? All I see is the rollers?!


There is a sensor right at the front of the paper tray (it's a white or clear plastic roller about 1-1.5 inches in length). I believe this is the sensor in question.

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