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January 08, 2013



CES 2013: Pray You Don't Need This Disaster Radio


Bill Bush

Jeff, I can't get the comment box to work on the entry for my 10year battery in cheap watch, but I wanted to add this link as comment 7, with a comment, that here is the dive version of the Casio beater:


I'm very thankful to still have a job in this economy. I don't take that for granted---counting my blessings. I know several very gifted people----hard working, talented, good people---who were laid off----and have had a miserable time finding ANYTHING to get back to work. It's very devastating to these people----to their self-esteem, pride----you name it. I can't think of many things worse (aside from illnesses, death, etc.) than a person who is driven to work---who wants a job in the worst way----but nothing is available. After enough time goes by, it saps people of their will.

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