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January 05, 2013



I like the looks of the Gavox line. I will say----I think at the $200.00 price point, Aeromatic does more interesting things with the "aviation" theme. And I think we need to define "cheap" as it pertains to watches. I don't consider a $200.00 watch to be cheap by any means. All things are relative I guess---and yes, there are watches that sell well into the thousands, so $200.00 doesn't seem like much. But also, there are watches given away free in cereal boxes----and watches you can buy at a drug store for $25.00. And even well finished Timex, Casio or Invicta watches---every bit as accurate as most high end watches----for $69.00 or less. So in that world, $200.00 should be enough to get something very decent, not a cheapie.


Accuracy hasn't been an issue with quartz-driven watches for a very long time, so I don't even consider the accuracy of a watch as being a driving factor in how prices are justified. I guess i'm used to people on other sites talking about watches that average $1500 or more, so by those standards $200 is cheap when considering how little extra these fancier watches offer.

I remember twelve years ago when a nice Seiko chrono alarm cost around $100. In recent years the exact same thing will cost you upwards of $300-$400 at retail here in England. I often wonder why they decided to inflate prices so much so fast but for me at least, $200 is a bargain in that context. Gavox would sell like hot-cakes if they started making their product widely available over here at those prices. Hopefully they won't jack up their prices once they become successful like Lum-Tec did.


Great review of the Gavox Curtiss Collection Check it out:

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