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February 14, 2013



A range of three miles? Would be pretty awesome for a college campus, so long as you're physically on the campus..


One of my favorite movies as a teenager was Pump Up The Volume, which came out when I was in high school (1990, I think). I played it for some students of mine a few years ago and they liked it a lot; I recently re-watched it and really enjoyed it - a great subversive movie for young people in particular, but certainly still enjoyable for "old guys" like us.

(If you're not familiar with it, its about a pirate radio dj played by a young Christian Slater who takes on the corruption at his high school).

Tom Welch

LPFM radio has been kicking around for 20 years, but the addition of relay stations is new. NPR usually lobbies against LPFM stations. In some markets, like Los Angeles, it may be very difficult to find an open spot on the FM dial, plus corporate owned FM stations will work hard to shut LPFM stations down...they don't want the competition.


Is this like a carrier current? We had that at my Penn State campus in Middletown, PA. WNDR (New Decade Rock, now three decades ago!). It covered the entire campus and then some. At Penn State Wilkes-Barre, we had a 10 watt station----and based on the position of the transmitter and the fact that it skipped across a valley, we were able to reach a lot of listeners that a 10 watt station normally would have no chance of reaching.

Tom Welch

Is this like a carrier current? Not sure Angelo, but this LPFM type of radio technology has been used on college campuses around the world. You'll notice that many Chinese radios come with an extended FM dial for that reason.

vimal oberoi

FEB 16
Posted by radiojayallen

vimal oberoi

Updated"AM Portables Mega Shootout"by Jay Allen


vimal oberoi

Jay Allen reviews"Sony ICF-EX5MKII"

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