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February 01, 2013



He probably DID know more about losing weight than anyone else. I know I did. I used to starve myself down 40, 50 pounds at a time. I know what worked.

The problem was that my body, my enemy, would overwhelm me with the need to eat more, and in the end I'd gain it all back. In the end the only thing that worked for me was surgery. I am not proud of it but it was necessary, I had it done, and it worked. If someone out there is in that position and surgery is your last chance to save your life... your call, but don't be afraid, it does work.

The worst thing about weight loss surgery is something they don't tell you beforehand. It is the way people start being nicer to you after you've lost a significant amount of weight. People smile at you and talk to you, people might listen to you when you have an opinion. And then you realize how, for years, you were worthless and subhuman in the eyes of your fellow humans because you didn't look nice enough to suit them. Such kind, understanding, considerate, and fair creatures we aren't! It made me furious when I realized that.

Personally I suspect the number one thing weight loss surgery does is that it screws up the nerves that let your enemy, your gut, control you. That I can't eat as much at a time doesn't make as much of a difference as the fact that I just don't have to.

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