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March 02, 2013



Top DHS checkpoint refusals



I started a response to this and then it got too long and I didn't have it in me to "tie it off."

I hear and agree with you, though. We need to realize that there is no final Holy Grail that will solve all ills, or at least there is no object or thing that will do that.

The Holy Grail is sipped from when walking on the beach with my wife, or being inspired by an idea, or watching my girls play without trying to be somewhere else. The experience of a shiny new watch pales in comparison.

But I still love watches.


We're comparing apples and oranges. The happiness and love we get from being with our families, friends (and pets for that matter) has nothing to do with our satisfaction of building collections of watches, radios or other material "things." It's not a matter of choosing one or the other. Of course I get fulfillment watching my son grow----and wishing my late wife was here to see it too, with me. But that's unrelated to the high I get from adding something I really like to one of my collections---or picking the perfect watch for the day (Cheap BMW motif watch today, since my son and I took the old 3 series to McDonald's for lunch). I love my family more than reading a good book too----but that doesn't mean I don't have a lot of pleasure from reading.


I agree, Angelo - I just think that our underlying sense of well-being gets tied up, confused really, in all sorts of things that it shouldn't, like watch collecting. Jeff has expressed a good deal of anxiety with regards to his collection and obviously it is about more than just the watches (and I speak for myself, as well). But what you are saying is a healthier attitude that we should strive for - of differentiating well-being with collecting.

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