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March 01, 2013



Ahh, potty training. I must say, it is rather liberating once you get out of being responsible for wiping someone else's ass.

Just know that there are stages to it - it isn't just stop wearing diapers and you're done, at least for us. First there's the "accident phase", then there's the "diapers at night only phase" then the "wipe me phase" hich you don't expect and is suprisingly long. That's when they use the toilet but they can't reach to wipe themselves, so at any point of the day you will be called from wherever you are in the house with a "Wiiiiipe Meeeee!" My first was in that phase for maybe a year, my second - who started using the toilet younger - was in it longer, and just got out of it at the age of four. She is rather phlegmatic so prefers not to be pushed with anything - we had to really encourage her, but I think because it was more effort to do it herself she still called to us.

Anyhow, have fun.


"It's Your POTTY" & You Will Cry If You Want To"

Michael Brent

Having raised twin boys by myself I can tell you that once you have finished with potty training nothing, I mean nothing, will ever be able to gross you out again.

Michael Brent

And now that my boys are grown and one of them married, I get to watch him change the diapers on my twin granddaughters.
Revenge is a dish best served warm, in a diaper.


Good tips here! They don't work for everyone though. Parents who have tried everything and failed know.. one thing that has worked consistently for my 2 kids and thousands of other parents and kids is a guide that trains kids in 3 days! check it out http://pottytrainingindays.blogspot.com/

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