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March 12, 2013


Doug T.

Sure radio will survive, and if you like the formats provided by Clear Channel (and the other mega-broadcasters) you'll be super happy. But I miss the days when there lots of independent local stations on the dial.


The Bay Area used to have KGO 810 AM; it's been degraded into a soulless radio machine.


It sounds to me like a lot of these numbers are teens getting cars, in a society where it's becoming more of a given that a teen will need to own a car.

Also, KGO's management has stated that they want to move back to the all-talk format, stay tuned..


All-talk again? Excellent. So they're listening to the disgruntled ex fans.


And if you weren't already aware: Bill Wattenburg is on KSCO Sunday nights, Gene Burns was on KKSF until he had his stroke; Len Tillem and Gil Gross are still there weekday evenings, Karel is on daily at GCN online radio, and Bernie Ward will be released from prison at the end of next year..


I like local radio stations too, including college radio. But the fact is----companies who own radio stations are fixated on profits. They will find the least expensive way to make the most money. People are listening----in the tens of millions----to these nationally syndicated shows. If there was really an outcry for more local programming, and the big national shows were shunned/unpopular----station owners would respond. But that isn't the case. Radio is more popular than it's been in my lifetime----right now----it's not going anywhere. AM-FM are both doing well enough to expect more decades of being able to use our prized collections. And I'm not so sure SW is in "big trouble" either. People love to speak with authority about trends----what's in, what's out, what's about to go away and what is about to emerge. One thing I've learned: The only thing that's predictable is how unpredictable things really are.

Bob Balser

Here in the UK there have been plans to do away with FM for a few years & use digital(DAB) but because of the economy plans are on hold,also plans to abandon AM(Medium wave)

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