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May 09, 2013



Thanks for the review, Carey.


Thanks Carey, great stuff. This one has topped my "dream radio" list for a long time now, glad to see yet another glowing review. I look forward to the day I can put one on my table and listen to the Danny Stiles Music Museum through it..


Sounds like a great radio. It reminds me of one of my tube radios: a 1956 Blaupunkt Granada. I recovered it from a trash pile. I replaced a few capacitors and returned it to its original beautiful sound. Its FM has some of the best sound quality I've ever heard from a tabletop radio, and its AM has wide enough bandwidth to give it near-FM sound quality.



All of the RF circuit in those is solid state, but you've got to love that tube sound. Does it have connections for outboard speakers? I would imagine it would really shine with some good efficient bookshelf speakers.


US distributor:


Canadian SWL

This looks like an amazing radio - I'm even considering paying to have it shipped to Canada - but I noticed that the AM band stops at 1600kHz. Anyone else notice this? I called the distributor in Long Beach, California and they said the stereo model uses the same tuning board as the monaural version. Can anyone confirm if the tuner stops at 1600 or 1710kHz?


You actually have something to listen to beyond 1600? Here on the West Coast there's some all-business station on 1700, I noted it when DXing and have never tuned beyond ~1510 since..


The specs on the company's web site indicate that the AM band does indeed stop at 1600 kHz.



KCJJ 1630 out of Iowa City is a great station..one of the last real radio stations here in the US.


Drive-In, that certainly does look like a genuine radio station, local owned and operated, thanks for the heads up. A bummer they turn down their signal at night, and I see they only recently stopped broadcasting in AM Stereo..


You're quite welcome.
Even with the 1KW they still get quite a signal out as the frequency isn't crowded. I used to be able to pull it in all the way down here in Florida before WRDW singed on in Georgia (as if everybody really needed yet another sports talk station let alone network fed sports talk).
It covers most of the northeast with ease over to the Rockies...as long as the conditions aren't horrible.


StarHalo, if you're referring to XEPE Tecate/Tijuana on 1700, it's been ESPN sports for a few years now.

As for KCJJ, I may have heard it years ago when the expanded band was new, but now I have a local on that frequency. It's off the air from midnight to 5 or 6 am, but I get a spanish station from CO or WY during that time.

Paul Bown

Have had the r601 mono with bt for a year now ,excellent on fm or am clear warm sound , if you like radios you must get one , however no longer made so that makes it even more desirable.I listen to a sangean wr11 bt most of the time also a must have .

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