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July 12, 2013



As Yoda said, "Do not try, do." Easier said than done, from one sugar addict to another.

You're in better shape than I. I'm at 235 now and at 6' and a medium frame I should be around 185 or lower, so I've got a good 50 lbs to lose. The only thing that works well for me - is liveable and actually results in weight loss - is calorie counting. I tend to eat a pretty healthy diet - organic vegetarian, lots of fruits and veggies and whole grains, but also too many sweets and salt snacks. When I don't count calories I tend to snack too much, often at night, and find ways to eat too many sweets. But calorie counting lets me eat my favorite foods, just less of them and cutting out uneccesary snacking. I love my homemade pizza and homemade gelato.

Actually I go for a lower number than I should - about 1500 below my daily expenditure - but I don't count fruits and raw veggies, which I feel don't inhibit weight loss at all (except for maybe bananas). Anyhow, I counted calories about a year ago and lost 18 pounds in two months. Then I stopped and gradually regained the weight. I've been counting again for a week and lost a bit over 3 lbs. So far so good. I am committed to seeing this through this time and counting calories and developing a more regular exercise routine. Of course if and when I get down to a more ideal weight, the key will not be to rest on my laurels and stop being conscious. I don't think I'll have to count calories for the rest of my life, but I figure it will take me about a year to get to 187 or below (my goal), so hopefully by then I'll have established a healthier relationship to food.


Phil Hendrie lost 100 pounds cutting down to 2,000 calories a day. But Robert Lustig points out that 99 percent of dieters will regain their weight in 6 months, as I did, and also not all calories are equal. Sugar calories create leptin resistance and make you hungrier for more carbs and sugar, a vicious cycle.


I lost 60 lbs over the last year; calorie counting is the truth and the way - 500 calories under your BMR (search "BMR calculator", that's the first step,) make sure to use a kitchen scale ($15 on Amazon) and calculator (free apps). Hit that number squarely every night and you'll be right around two pounds lighter at the end of every week, regardless of carbs, regardless of exercise, regardless of whatever the new fad diet is telling everyone to avoid this week. Ignore all else - *just hit that number.*


As I see it, that 99 percent is due to a lack in changing one's mind-set and not establishing a new routine. I see this as a lifestyle change, not a temporary fix. When I reach my goal I'll gradually adjust to eating a bit more calories, but they key then will be to stay within my means. I think the re-gain comes from the binge/purge cycles.

I hear you about all calories not being created equal. I seem to be doing ok, though, without getting too hungry. Id don't eat THAT much sugar, and when I do its almost always whole sugars like organic cane, sucanat, maple syrup, etc.



My trouble areas for extra calories aren't sweets, funny enough. Here's my short list:
peanut butter
Trader Joe's spicy flax seed tortilla chips


I'm about six feet tall and as an adult, my weight has been as high as 216 and as low as 156. The biggest weight loss I had was in the 1990s when I went from a little over 200 down to 156. My friends told me I looked too thin at 156----looked sick. People who hadn't seen me in a while thought I had an illness. I felt good, though was lacking strength. I gained all of that weight back and then some. Recently, due to colon surgery, I went from the all-time high of 216 down to about 183. I back up to around 185 now. I think a good weight for me is probably 180-185. I get more surgery (first one didn't go so well) later this year. I'll probably lose weight again. Aside from surgery though----the way I lost all that weight in the 1990s was Slim Fast, cutting fat intake and a lot of walking. If you don't want to do Slim Fast, my advice is low fat, high fiber, lots of apples (skin on) and walk as much as possible. Take stairs once in a while instead of an elevator or escalator. Just a little more activity and lower fat/higher fiber will not only help you lose weight----it will also help your overall health. Funny thing in my case----with these surgeries, they want me on a low residue diet right after surgery, gradually increasing fiber later (too much fiber right after surgery or gas causing fresh vegetables is rough on the colon). So I get to eat french fries, white bread, etc. and somehow, still lose weight (probably food overall----lower calories). This really isn't hard to figure out----burn more calories than you consume. Not hard to figure out, but hard to practice.


See, I don't consider guacamole as being problematic at all. Like you said, not all calories are equal, which is why I don't count fruits and raw veggies - and guac is mainly raw veggies. Now what you dip into guac is another thing...

Yeah, peanut butter is a killer for me too. Given that peanuts are legumes and not nuts they take a long time to digest - I heard something like 9 hours.


I should add medjool dates, high in sugar, which I eat with plain yogurt. I'd like to cut down to one date a day. And my coffee shouldn't have any chocolate soy or almond milk, just half and half.


I've been off processed sugars for quite a while. I allow myself one day in the week where I indulge (within reason) but the longer I stay on this regime, the more unpleasant I find the taste of processed foods. If I have to sweeten anything, it's done with stevia. Can't stand peanuts - I can taste the grease as i'm trying to eat them (roasted nuts are mostly in fact fried), and much prefer "dryer" tasting nuts.

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