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August 23, 2013



That looks almost as expensive as your friend's Breitling, though I'd agree the chain is a touch "Professor Badass"..


Is that a new watch? I'm not sure I've seen that before.

It seems the Russian Diver is in the part of our shared Venn diagram of watch interest that is in your "circle" alone, without overlap. I just can't get into them. Maybe the Zenton is the same for you.


Yeah, we differ here. The Zeton has too many lines and is too busy. I prefer the other micros.


Jeff: Questionable customer service isn't just an Invicta problem. Seems as though many companies have decided to go for high volume and reach more customers---and if they lose a few due to poor service, they live with it. One exception: Wahl Shavers/Personal care products. That customer service group in Illinois is outstanding. They totally stand behind their products----and will take back shavers over 10 years old for minor repairs---and only charge twenty bucks in some cases. It's all I buy now when I need a new shaver or clippers----I see no reason to go anywhere else because of how well they treat me. On watches: Didn't you also determine that Nixon customer service was unacceptable? I remember when I first started following Herculodge, you had some nice Nixons and gradually phased them out. Do you have any of those left in your arsenal? I have one Nixon. I like the older models with the old logo----sometimes see them on E-Bay and I think they made a nicer watch in the early 2000s than they make today.


I sold all my Nixons and don't buy them anymore. Their price point is too high for what they deliver: fashion watches with mineral crystal. High school surfers buy them. For bling, I would buy a Russian Offshore Diver or an Imperious Chaos before I bought a Nixon.


Apart from the chain and the huge, rather crass "INVICTA" text on the side of the case, it looks pretty good. This company needs to learn a thing or two about subtlety, rather than churning out pieces that are the watch equivalent of Steve Ballmer. For people who don't know, Steve Ballmer is the (now soon to retire) CEO of Microsoft.


Ulysses: Did you see how Microsoft stock shot up in the hours immediately after it was announced that Ballmer's departure was imminent?

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