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October 05, 2013



Create an Internet Radio FM Transmitter Using Raspberry Pi


Interesting. The seller claims that they offer the best in collectible radios every week (which might be true) but then, they also say that on this Sony that they "don't know how to tune all the channels" that some are working and some aren't----but they make it sound as though the problem is that they don't know how to make some of them work??? I find this odd----because if someone specializes in selling vintage radios, they should at least know how to check to see if all bands are able to receive. The seller might be great----I don't know----but I do know that I've been burned a couple times when people on E-Bay play dumb, when they knew full well that they were selling a broken item. Example "Didn't try it with batteries, don't have any around----but the battery compartment is clean." I think translated, that means, "Works on electric, doesn't work on batteries." If you're selling an expensive item, you run out to buy batteries to confirm that it works----so you can make a lot more money. "Untested" means "Tested and it's broken."


It is a wadley loop receiver, but only double conversion. At $500+, it is priced for nostalgia, not performance IMO - par for the course with these old multi-band Panasonic, Sony, etc. "portables" at eBay.


I fully agree, Angelo. I think this one is a strong case of "buyer beware".

Notice how the photo of the digital frequency readout shows the MHz digits followed by ". . ." at the kHz positions. I wonder if this unit has problems with the Wadley Loop or display driver circuitry. Judging from the MHz number and the large analog dial, I'd guess the readout should be showing approx. 12.445 MHz rather than "12 . . ."

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