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October 24, 2013



I don't think I've matched up the Black Monster and OSD, but the OSD edges the Sumo by a slight margin.

But its not only about brightness but design and effects. The Deep Blue Abyss, for instance, isn't quite as bright as the OSD or Seikos, but has an unusual blue color and interesting array. I also love the Tempest which, like the Abyss, has a lumed bezel - a feature I've really come to appreciate.

One could build an entire collection around lume.


So value enters into the equation when it comes to expanding your collection! You might not set out to add a new watch----but if you happen to like it a lot and there's "an offer you can't refuse" put forth, you won't refuse! I wasn't looking for another Tauchmeister, or oversized watch or even another watch. But I saw a Tauchmeister for a silly low price----it's the black version of one of my favorite watches (mine is white face/caramel leather band, this one is black on black). No real reason to have it----wasn't looking for it----but there it was and I couldn't say no. Sometimes, a good deal wins out over better judgement.

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