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November 26, 2013


Gordon C

The folks behind Ryobi power equipment also make Sears Craftsman. The local factory will offload overstock and refurbished stock every so often and we can pick up all manner of power tool goodness from Ryobi, Craftsman, Homelite, and a few other house brands at dirt cheap prices. I picked up a cordless drill (refurb), two batteries (new), charger, and a flashlight for $1 more than just a battery was at Lowes. Good times. Manly times! Build stuff times!



I doubt much, if anything, is "really Kenmore." Sears just relabels products made by various other brands.

I'll stick with my 22 year old Amana for now. I might be able to save $5-$10 per month in electricity with a new one, but it's not worth spending $1000 to do so, especially when the old one is still working fine and has never required a repair.


For primary brands, you might find the appliance reliability ratings in Consumer Reports to be useful. For "re-labelers" like Kenmore, maybe not so much.


My LG washer and dryer have been very good. My Kitchen Aid refrigerator was very expensive and is so-so----doors don't close evenly and are not balanced correctly/aligned, even after a warranty call to adjust them. Had an issue with water delivery not working well once too---clogged filter and replacement was expensive. Bosch dishwasher is my favorite appliance---whisper quiet and works beautifully. GE range was extremely expensive and not great. Okay, but for the price, a rip-off.


In reference to refrigerators....My preference is the type that does "not" have an ice maker/dispenser. Also i'm not interested in one that's energy efficient. I feel that the more electronic components a refrigerator has the more something can go wrong. I have a twenty year old standard GE model without bells & whistles that works great.


I'll never buy an ice making feature again. Nothing but problems.


I have a KitchenAid (made by Wirlpool) fridge, and we have had 2 service calls in 7 years, both for noise and vibration (the compressor motor loosens up). The Whirlpool repairman told us that almost all appliances are designed for a 7 year replacement cycle now, and spending more money on a "premium" appliance only gets you more features and better esthetics, not a longer lifespan, regardless of brand. I don't know if that is true, but I am thinking that I wouldn't buy another $2500 fridge.


Radio Flynn: I won't ever buy another very expensive appliance----except maybe another nice Bosch dishwasher because of how quiet they operate and what a great job they do. For every other appliance, I am going either inexpensive or at best, mid-level. My kitchen has stainless steel, so I'll probably stay with that and just get the lowest priced appliances that fit the openings and have a stainless finish. The biggest disappointment I had was the expensive GE Profile range. Top of the line, convection (because the designer helping my wife with the remodel insisted we'd need convection). Well, the fan takes up valuable space in the back of the oven, meaning large baking pans won't even fit (because you can't close the door). There was a fit/finish issue with the glass top and when I was cleaning it, my finger sliced on a sharp edge that wasn't covered by a reveal as it should have been. That was fixed under warranty (and so was my finger, under an extended service contract with my doctor). Convection? My counter top convection glass bowl for eighty bucks runs circles around the oven convection. Never again. The Kitchen Aid fridge is similar in falling short on design and not nearly as "high quality" as the price would indicate. If I were buying right now, I'd probably go with Maytag Centennial washer/dryer, which are very basic, bare bones old school top loaders. Dishwasher, Bosch. Range and fridge, perhaps low end stainless Kenmore but maybe even an off brand like Magic Chef for the stove, which I've had good luck with in the past. Maybe Amana for the fridge????

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