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December 24, 2013



As you know, Jeff, I own the chronograph version of this and love it. I've considered buying the blue dial version, the BL1259, but have others on the queue before it. But I went through a phase of wearing it exclusively for over a week earlier in the month, which is unusual for me. It single-handedly got me re-interested in chronographs.

Anyhow, I've compared it to the Seiko Sumo and see it as of similar quality, but with a better bracelet which makes it seem more expensive. It reminds me of a Tag Heuer.


I seem to drawn to the non-chrono versions, the dark blue, black, copper, and gray dials. I'm in trouble. I think I even saw a reddish dial.


Here's the black dial version for $499 OBO:


And here's one starting at $300 or $475 Buy It Now:


The bezel is 43mm across, but it feels a tad bigger than that due to the width of the bracelet. It looks and feels a tad bigger than the Black Monster, but a tad smaller than the Sumo.


And here I am---strongly considering treating myself to an "Aeromatic" Christmas gift (from me!), even though I overspent and broke the bank on my 9 year old. But I've wanted an Aeromatic (or Tauchmeister) with multiple large crowns for quite a while now---and think I might have found what I'm looking for. If I get it, I'll send pix.


Treat yourself, Angelo - you deserve it. Ha ha.


I did just that, Jonny! Here is a photo of the one I bought, the Aeromatic A1327.


The one I've been more focused on is the A1328. I like the more subtle white and silver on black of the 1328 better than the orange on black of the one I bought---but my 1327 will have FOUR protective crowns instead of "only" three! Also, while I like the chronograph function of the 1328---I think it makes the face look a little busy---my 1327 has larger numerals (and I have many other chronos in general, including some in the Tauchmeister/Aeromatic family). But really, it was the price that was the determining factor. I found a deal "too good to pass up" on the 1327. I was able to get it for about $100.00 less than I would have paid for the 1328 (which never seems to go on sale). Here is a picture of the one I passed on----but hey, maybe it'll be in my future.



Oh, and I said the numerals on the 1327 are orange...but I think they call it "warm red."

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