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December 06, 2013



It's hard to go wrong with LL Bean. Seems like everything I've ever purchased from them----for myself and my son (going back to when my wife bought stuff from them----she's the one who turned me onto them) lasts forever. Wash after wash, the more you wear it the better. Sometimes paying more up front pays off. Do you buy Hanna Andersson clothes for the twins Jeff?


My wife buys all the clothes. I'm an LLBean fan for the flannel shirts, for sure.


Filson makes some great stuff, you should check them out.


Filson starts around 155 on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Filson-10399-Cotton-Guide-Medium/dp/B00CKS600Y/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1386366073&sr=8-6&keywords=filson+shirt


Uh, oh. Now you'll need to buy some thinner watches to fit under those long sleeves.

Ken K. in NJ

Been wearing flannel shirts for casual winter wear for at least 40 years. LL Bean is the way to go, although Costco here in NJ carries some heavy duty lower budget ones of decent quality for around $14.


Ken: I am often surprised at the quality of the Costco clothing too---hadn't seen flannel shirts there, but will have a look. Apparently, Mitt Romney buys Cosco white dress shirts because "They look as good as expensive shirts, are comfortable and fit me." Maybe they should get him to do a commercial.


That whole "My wife buys my shirts at Costco" was a a typical election condescension to the unwashed masses. Zillionaire Willard Romney has never dirtied the soles of his imported tasseled shoes by walking inside a Costco, good gawd!


But Ed, actually he didn't gain any favors from that. In context, it was also citing Costco as being a great capitalist accomplishment---and many on the left blasted him for it, since Costco isn't a mom and pop shop (I guess the Kennedy clan and others on the left shop locally at places like Tiffany).


X's 2 on Filson...but it is more than a fashion statement, it is made for weather and is very practical. I first got on to Filson about 25 years ago after settling in the Pacific Northwest. I am in the elements frequently ( woods) and Filson clothing offers unsurpassed performance and life expectancy in regards to the material. Check out the Alaska Guide shirts. It is expensive, but worth every penny in my humble opinion.

Tom Welch

When I was working, I purchased my khaki pants and dress shirts from Lands End and polo Shirts from LL Bean. LL Bean's fleece outerwear is outstanding, I especially love their Wind Challenger and Trail Model Polartec 200 jackets...a wonderful design and value and less expensive than Patagonia, Mountain Hardware, Marmont, and the rest of their competition.


It appears Filson is the Rolex of flannel shirts and comes from Seattle, a city iconic in its relationship with flannel since Grunge early 90s.

I just bought a Land's End flannel shirt for 34 with free shipping. Thanks for the tip, Tom.

It wouldn't surprise me if I see one at Costco that catches my fancy.

Pretty soon I'll have flannel rotation anxiety.


Did you hear that Sears (not doing well) is spinning off Lands End? I like Lands End----my company orders logo clothing from them and it's good quality. But I still prefer LL Bean. In any case, I'm waiting until after Christmas to see if there are better sales. There are some good ones now----but stock is depleted.

Bill Bush

Bean's had and may still have cotton chamois shirts that are thicker and even more indestructible than their flannels. I have had one for 20 years. I also have a flannel lined canvas shirt from them that I have been beating up on for 20+ years. My original fleece jacket from them is 20 years old and just needs the cuff trim tacked back down. It does not look as good as new, but it is wearable still across a wide range of temperatures, and zippers have held up perfectly. Wish I had the body and the wallet for slim Italian tailoring, but I have accepted that I am a Beanie.

Tom Welch

When I was in high school, all the cool kids wore Pendleton shirts, my mother told me Pendleton shirts were too expensive, $25 in 1962, now $80 or more last time I checked. In 1962, Pendleton shirt were The Beach Boys signature shirt at a time when JC Penneys was selling flannel for $4.00. Checkout this vid on the Wind Challenger jack http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOr_ds8QUw0

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