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December 20, 2013



Nice list. I think I've found myself experiencing every single one on that list to varying degrees.


RE: #10: Didn't it happen in high school----guy and girl dating----guy decided he wanted to "branch off" and date others----broke up with girl---girl started dating new guy----and was suddenly desirable again to the guy who broke up with her? Also, girl in high school looked "average" and was never really noticed much. Guy asks her out and starts dating her----and suddenly, she's "hot" for some reason, even though she's the same girl she's always been. Yes, seeing that watch on someone else gives it a whole new look, a whole new level of "must have."


Here's an article about cleaning watches.


Keith Beesley

At least watches are small and fairly easy to conceal from one's spouse--unlike radios ;-)


I guess it might be necessary to conceal the credit card bills as well, especially as the frequency of purchases or cost per purchase rises.

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