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January 23, 2014



Looks good, Jeff. Did your watch guy have to buff the edges of the end links so they would fit the lugs?


It was an easy fit, Gary. No buffing, not like the Tuna.


Awesome, Jeff - it really looks "you." You've got a great duo in that and the Tuna, very complementary too each other and not at all in each other's territory.

The Boschett is vaguely similar, although like most micro-divers is edgier than the Japanese divers. All of my micros have sharper angles on the case - more rugged, less slick.


As for micros, I'm intrigued by the Boschett, Helson, and Irranteum. Plus the Citizen Grand Touring and Hamilton Jazzmaster on mesh. Collection almost complete. Ha!


"Ha" is right. But adding some/all of those would round out your collection nicely. It seems only a matter of time before you sell one or two of your "lesser" Orients.

I think also that putting the Super Engineer on your OSD allows the Sumo to shine more in its own uniqueness.


This is an interesting article on watch collecting.

"Why There Is No Best Watch And How I Don’t Have A Favorite Timepiece"

By Ariel Adams


Gorga Naibaho

I also have this watch since 2012. It is not the most expensive watch that I could buy (a Casio Frogman variant I used to have easily surpassed the price of this Orient) or even the manliest looking around, but somehow the whole package attracted me in a "just my type" kind of situation. I will never sell this one - it can certainly be passed on to the next generation. I also have this custom bracelet, but it makes the watch even heavier on the wrist...


I just bought one of these (in red), and I love it. I was a bit nervous that I was ordering something that was too big, but was pleasantly surprised. While it is a big watch, it's not so big that it looks ridiculous. Can't beat the weight, though. I love a heavy diver, and this one is awesome.

The fit an finish on this watch is fantastic. The bezel is perfect -- just tight enough, but still smooth. 120 clicks. Engraved, not printed. The color of deep graphite. Orient face details are generally pretty good, but for this watch, amazing. The red is super deep -- a rich, orange-red that almost has a powdered look. Awesome.

I my experience, Orient movements are in the same league as Seikos, and I feel are generally more reliable than ETA equivalents. Maybe I've just been lucky with Orients, but even cheaper models (had a Mako XL, that I really loved, but it was stolen) are workhorses. So far, this one's been keeping +/- 2 seconds per day, and this is right out of the box. Impressive.

I may replace the bracelet like you've done here, but I don't mind the stock issue. That super engineer does look good, though. Nice.


Hi Jeff

The stock bracelet on my OSD came loose (Orient did cut corners on this one) and I swapped it with the stock rubber strap. Now, this piece of rubber doesn’t do justice to the watch. The only “concern” that still holds me is this idea that Super Engineer type II could give the watch somewhat “industrial” or “utilitarian” look. Are you too getting this feeling?

Any other alternatives?


I sold my OSD, but I sort of regret it. I think at that price point there's nothing in its quality range. I always liked the Super Engineer, but you might try the 22mm Endmill.

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