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April 16, 2014



I guess i'm very different than the majority of people who purchase a car. My major interests are safety, performance & reliability. I don't care if a car is ugly and/or has a poor appearance.


In my experience, good safety, performance and reliability are not mutually exclusive with good looks.

Ken K. in NJ

I'd think twice about buying a Toyota product if you care about the molding. I bought a 2013 Corolla last year, and a couple of months ago I lightly tapped (VERY lightly) a snow bank turning into my driveway. It ripped an 6 x 2 inch section off the bottom of the molding. I've since seen numerous complaints on Toyota forums about the cheapness of the molding.


Thanks for the heads up, Ken.

I agree with your point, Gary.


I think the Korean companies (and Ford) have closed the reliability/quality gap with Toyota and Honda to the point where any difference is negligible. Strictly on styling----I think KIA is now the leader. Peter Schreyer, their Chief Designer, came from Audi and in my estimation, is doing greater things at KIA than he did at Audi. I bought a high mileage, used Sedona van a couple years ago----and the quality and attention to detail is very impressive. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a new KIA when I need another new vehicle. Performance-wise, if money were not an object, I'd go with a BMW. No, they aren't overrated, at least not from a driving dynamics standpoint.


But is it better looking than the Fusion or 6?


I think both the Fusion and 6 are great looking cars----would need to see more of the new Camry. I also like the Optima. The Optima's current sheet metal looked good to me when it was introduced----more importantly, it's aging very well----that design looks better and better from different angles----great design for a mid sized family sedan and I think less trendy than the Sonata.

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