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June 24, 2014



Too bad the photos in the eBay listing are blurred. Maybe the seller needs to invest in a better camera.


Perhaps the seller is trying to cover something up by using blurry photos, such as cosmetic damage. Call me a cynic but would never buy anything if there weren't decent sharp photos available, especially not watches or radios. You can take his word for it that it is in great cosmetic condition, but since there are no returns allowed I wouldn't bother.


Right with you Ulysses. If the seller is sophisticated enough to want over a thousand dollars for a radio----they should also be sophisticated enough to take clear photos.


Before investing such a large sum of money, i would make sure i could get it repaired by a professional in the U.S.


Nice, but I think for that kinda bread I'd go for a Drake R8B. I've always wanted one of those.

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