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June 28, 2014



Selectivity is less than super radio I or II.I can't say about III. Sound most like middle to hi, some bass but not like SR II.FM made for Asian market. Think before you buy. If you intend to spend $99 you still have many choices. But me personally , I like Sony very much. Every Sony radio has some unique charm. Sony ICF-801 is not ultimate receiver but it pleasure to have this radio and sometimes enjoy broadcast with clear sound .

Dave P.

It's probably fair to assume that there will never be another 'Superadio'. EP was close, but no cigar. That era is gone.


I'm not a fan of the looks of this radio----not that looks really matter much to most of us----but seriously, I didn't think we could get less imaginative than the SRIII but Sony managed that feat. I still think the CC-EP is a spiritual successor to the Super Radio series though I agree with Dave---close but no cigar.


Super radio


Good alternative for radio with big speaker and good selectivet. and senstv.


This is my favorit for AM only:http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hard-to-Find-Sony-ICR-S-71-AM-Drip-Proof-AM-Radio-Original-Box-Strap-Manual-/181448765220?pt=US_Portable_AM_FM_Radios&hash=item2a3f306f24


A web-connected device linked to a hi-fi Bluetooth speaker is the new SuperRadio.

I've been listening to KKNE out of Honolulu, HI using an iPad playing through a Sony BTX500; the reception is better than is physically possible with a radio receiver, and the sound is better than the SuperRadio 5268, all with no antenna and no wires..


Wahoo! My sister just picked one up for me in Kyoto! I will keep you posted when I get it!


Finally got the long awaited Sony ICF-801 from the Far East! I have yet to take it through the motions of AM testing, but from what I have seen, the AM is quite good. The FM tuning does not screen out powerful stations such as ESPN radio in Reno which can be heard at different points over the dial, but it does pick up most stations in the Truckee Meadows really well. The sound is terrific. Voice is quite clear and easy on the ears as is music as well, neither of which are bass-heavy. I would not quite call it the "Superadio 4" but despite the selectivity issues with the occasional station bleed, its reception is quite good and the sound clarity is excellent.If you are fortunate enough to order this, you will not be disappointed. If any of you have this gem, any advice, clarity or critique is welcome.

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