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June 01, 2014



I believe this is the same Rf-8000 that was offered at a starting bid of $50,000 last December. It sounds like the radio, as it was "fully restored" and offered by a Canadian seller too.

There was a RF-8000 in 2009 that appeared at at Buy It Now price of $40,000, but it was in surprisingly "ratty" condition for such a top dollar price. I wonder if the $50,000 unit is the same one after restoration?


It has a bid now. It'll be interesting to see if anyone else who has that much cash also wants this radio. All it takes is two people with the money---who both want it----and this seller can end up doing quite nicely.


Nice, but the photos are out of focus, and also the outer covering appears to be less than satisfactory, from observing what can be seen in those photos.


4nradio, now that you mention it, I think it's the same crappy photos. If I were to even consider pacing a bid of that magnitude Id want some razor sharp photos. Fuzzy photos leads me to believe the seller has something to hide.


Wow----there's significant bubbling in the vinyl on the back of the case; couldn't hide that. I hadn't taken a look at these photos until now. Yeah---you would think if someone is selling a consumer radio for five figures, they'd invest in a camera that takes clear pictures. I really wonder about the bidder---if they are considering this an investment of some sort of if they're buying for the functionality of the radio? Sometimes for collectors, condition is everything. If the bidder is thinking of reselling at a profit, they might be in for a rude surprise.

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