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June 29, 2014



Eh, I owned the SRF-39 when it was new; it was entirely decent for a $20 radio, nothing life changing. In the same price range, I'd prefer the Sony ICF-F10 with its speaker and exponentially longer battery life. And I have a feeling prisoners would prefer the clear-case Sangean DT-120 if they knew about it.


I had a precursor to the ICF-19W. It was yellow and had the same basic control layout, tuner and volume on top, and oversized on/off slider on the front. These pre-ultralights were pretty new at the time (around the mid-Eighties I think) but the cool thing about the one I had was that it was absolutely free with the purchase of a certain pair of running shoes. The shoes were good quality at a fair price, I would have bought them gratis radio or not, so the little Sony truly was something for nothing. I used it for years until it lost audio on one side. It truly is amazing how many decades Sony was at the top of their (and everyone else's) game in consumer electronics, especially portable audio.


Hmmm. I'm lucky enough to still have them both. Would anyone be interested in a side by side daytime DX shootout between the two? I'd like to know myself.
I've had a variety of those type Sonys over the years, and to be honest never really thought that much about them. I've always thought that Sony couldn't make a good FM circuit to save their lives, and that most of the GEs ran circles around them (especially the 7-1600*), but other than that just thought o f them as standard run-of-the-mill radios. Maybe I was missing something.



I've had average FM on most Sony radios. Let's see the shoot out.


You got it. I'll head out there in a couple of days. I know where there's a park that's a good distance from any powerlines.

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