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March 21, 2015



Bed....side? You mean you don't just sleep with them in the bed?..lol
Well, at least I'm not as bad as I used to be beck when I was driving a truck..
Cant tell I'm a bachelor or anything, can you?


Seriously, though...good point. I don't want to have to re-tune in my sleep either.
But..there's something kinda nice about the glow of tubes and the dial lamp I used to like..though perhaps it's a bit suicidal to sleep with a 50+ year old radio lit up next to you. It's nice to be able to not have to find the lamp for those middle of the nights runs.

My bedside radio now? I'm ashamed to admit it, but it's a laptop. Joey Reynolds isn't on in the middle of the night to lull me to sleep with mimes and slight of hand magicians (yes, on the radio), and I really don't want to hear crazy people and charlatans talk about u.f.o.s and ghosts all night even if it's on every other station on the dial. On the other hand, maybe I should switch over to FM and tune down into the land of the lost below 92. Maybe something down there will lull me into dreamland.


I wonder why analogue domestic radios with presets never took off, considering pretty much every analogue car radio had those push-button presets.



I'm sure it could be done, but today it's all about minimum parts count and minimum mechanical complexity, which translate into minimum production cost. It's so much easier to implement presets in software on a digital radio than it would be to do it mechanically on an analog radio.


There were quite a few in the 30s and 40s.


Also, on the older mechanical car radio pre-sets, I recall having to push pretty hard to get the dial indicator to move and change stations. Of course, you were pushing against the radio that was locked in the dash of the car. If you had to push that hard on a pre-set of a table top radio, it would probably move the radio backward as you pushed.


My two Sangean table radios, the WR-1 and WR-11, do not show drift when used for hours at at time. I can see one possible benefit to using a digital radio for bedside purposes: a sleep timer.

I can say that both my WR-1 and WR-11 have less-than-spectacular AM performance. They are great on FM, but suffer from interference when tuning in weaker AM stations. My Tivoli Model One, which in my opinion is inferior to the Sangean radios in many ways, does outperform my Sangeans in regard to weaker AM station reception.


I don't need a sleeper timer and I listen mostly to FM. I had a Tivoli Model One about 10 years ago but too much FM drift and weak on FM so it had to go. If I were to keep a Tivoli Model One, I would have to hook it up to a roof antenna.


I think that, for most people, a sleep timer is a useful feature, and another advantage of a digital radio.

A problem with many Sangeans -- the PR-D5 being one example -- is artificially boosted bass, even at the headphone jack. Without a bass control, there is no way to fix it without modifying the radio. If you listen to high quality headphones on a PR-D5, the bass is unbelievably bloated. The frequency response at a headphone jack should be flat, not boosted 10 dB in the bass.


Gary DeBock's 2015 Ultralight Radio Shootout:


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