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September 18, 2015



I was waiting for you to say that we create the meaning in our lives, we don't find it. Frankl is an interesting guy, I need to read that book.

We're all members of the same human species, so we all have the same potential to find happiness in our lives. We are not passive beings being tossed about in the wind like leaves, and we shouldn't accept that we don't have some degree of control over them. The problem many people face is opportunity as it is doled out by our consumerist, inherently selfish culture. We reward selfishness - you get a pat on the back for it, even if it also causes destruction. We admire greed and reward that too. If you can finish that fifty-pound steak in half an hour, you get it for free. Granted, it's a way to introduce the economics of gambling into restaurants but it is what it is. We need to shift towards rewarding wisdom and knowledge, instead of maintaining a system where a colossal amount of human potential is wasted. Speaking of that tragedy of the child washed up on the beach; that man's whole family died in that journey - both his sons and his wife too. He lost everything he was trying to protect. This was an intelligent man who, through desperation, risked it all and lost. His sons will never have the opportunity to taste the joys life has to offer now. These kids could have gone on to achieve amazing things. It's a story that has been repeated millions of times throughout history.

Our society is like a machine of meshing gears. The gears are secure, turning on their spindles. You can guess who or what they represent. Most of humanity is more like the grease that keeps those gears lubricated - without the sacrifice of millions, willing to endure the stress of being crushed by the pressures of life, the wheels wouldn't turn, but it also means they sacrifice their hopes and dreams and this is fundamentally unfair. Yet, that is how the system works. We are part of the machine and are bonded to it, because without it our society would collapse, and that's something we cannot risk allowing to happen even if something better might arise to replace it. That has to be one of the definitions of tyranny.


Well stated, Ulysses. I agree with all your points.


Jay Allen reviews the Sangean PR-D19:



Was this ever disproven? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3225898/Liberal-senator-Cory-Bernardi-says-drowned-Syrian-boy-Aylan-Kurdi-wasn-t-real-refugee.html

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