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October 13, 2015



It's been said that what we really fear the dying process rather than death itself. Having gone through that with my father to cancer, I can sadly confirm this sentiment. Jeff, you and I are three years apart in age and are similarly hair-follically challenged. The idea that we are going into a slow but inevitable decline over the next twenty to thirty years is depressing. Perhaps a nice Omega Planet Ocean will cheer us up a bit.


Lee, I hear you. A luxury watch is a tasty morsel, a consolation prize for dealing with inevitable suffering.


I'm almost twenty years away from 54 but i've been pondering the ageing process grimly for years. I don't feel old, I just know that i'm getting old, and what bothers me is that I don't have a long list of achievements behind me. Perhaps that's not unusual for the average person, but nevertheless it gets to me. I guess all I can do is try to wring every drop of joy out of everything I do even if it's not walking on Mars or planting a flag on top of a mountain. Yes, there's joy to be had in the mundane. Without wanting to sound too delusional, the world is whatever we perceive it to be, so I guess we can choose to make the most of whatever situation we're in.


I had no idea you are so young. You have a wise soul that evidences more than 34 years.

Ed S.

Guys, it's been said so much that it's a clïche now, but I can tell you as one of the older contributors to this site it is true: you will not regret so much the things you did in your life, but the things you *didnt* do... Jeff, wouldn't you have regretted not having your two wonderful daughters, knowing what you know now?
I've been close to death, and it really clarifies your priorities. If there is something you have in mind to do in your life, all I can say is DO IT. It is easier to get forgiveness than permission! Don't put things off until "someday"... Life goes by much faster than you think it will. And finally, allow yourself to enjoy it more. Be easy on yourself. All things will pass...

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