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October 04, 2015



Paul, Herculodge misunderstood your question. The PR-D4W indeed has multiple bandwidth settings for both FM and AM. Since the radio has no tone control, the switchable bandwidth adjustments create a sort of makeshift tone control for the AM band. The wider bandwidth settings provide better audio fidelity, whereas the narrower ones provide better selectivity. On the FM side, only the two narrowest filters provide stereo reception.


Regarding the SANGEAN PR-D4W, there are six selectable AM bandwidths: 1.0, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, and 6.0 KHz. as well as four selectable FM bandwidths: 40, 60, 85, and 110 MHz.

I placed my order for a PR-D4W through Amazon several weeks ago and it has finally shipped. I'm looking forward to putting it through its paces, although I've already briefly tried out my friend's set.

Not to take away from those who are enjoying theirs, but my mind boggles as I read and hear accounts of how the SANGEAN PR-D4W outperforms the C. CRANE CC2E. Frankly I think it's unfair to compare the two as the latter costs more than twice as much.

When I get my PR-D4W, the first thing I'll do is compare its RF performance to my CC2E. I simply can't imagine it matching or exceeding the CC2E in raw AM sensitivity and if it does, I'll concede that here in writing. Additionally, the tone of the CC2E is warm, full, and ideal for both voice and music. While the sound of the PR-D4W is adequate, I can authoritatively say that it's tone is puny when compared with the CC2E. The PR-D4W has no tone controls. It's worth noting however, that the selectable AM bandwidths can act as somewhat of a makeshift tone control. The narrower the bandwidth, the flatter the sound will be. Widen the bandwidth, and the audio fidelity will increase at the expense of some selectivity of course.

I'll write my full review of the PR-D4W soon and post it here.


I received my new SANGEAN PR-D4W from Amazon yesterday and got well acquainted with it today.

As the features and specs are clearly defined in its product description, I'm simply going to share some thoughts about the SANGEAN PR-D4W.

Out of the box, the SANGEAN PR-D4W's seemingly sturdy build quality didn't disappoint. With four D cells installed, the set has some obvious heft in the order of just over three pounds. I'm mystified as to why this set was designed with no carrying handle. I'm hoping that a padded case with a carrying handle and access points allowing for full operation will be produced for the PR-D4W.

With several claims on the internet of the superiority of the SANGEAN PR-D4W to the C. CRANE CC2E portable radio, I was very curious to compare the two sets myself. Having now compared them, my observations were pretty much what I had been expecting. Regardless of my findings however, I regard the PR-D4W as an excellent value and very good performer at its price point.

As for audio quality, for its size the PR-D4W has pleasant tone especially for talk radio programs. Not surprisingly, music sounds a bit anemic through its speaker. Via headphones however, the sound is full and rich. There are no tone controls, but the user selectable bandwidths inherently affect tone considerably on the AM band acting as somewhat of a makeshift tone control. Its AM band has six user selectable bandwidth settings, which both surprised and please me! They are 1.0, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, and 6.0 KHz. The narrower the bandwidth, the flatter the sound. Narrower bandwidth settings can aid in reception of weak and crowded signals. The wider the bandwidth, the crisper the sound will be. The audio produced by the C. CRANE CC2E is far superior to the SANGEAN PR-D4W, and that should be no surprise. Its speaker is much larger and the CC2E costs much more. It truly is unfair to compare the two sets.

The SANGEAN PR-D4W's FM performance is startlingly good! Its sensitivity and selectivity are practically identical to the C. CRANE CC2E, although I give the CC2E a slight edge on both counts. The same can be said of its weather band. The one aspect of FM performance where the CC2E excelled noticeably beyond the PR-D4W is capture ratio, which is a receiver's ability to ignore the weaker of two or more signals broadcasting on the same frequency. While I was able to receive multiple FM signals on the same frequency by orientating its whip in various angles and directions, its capture ratio was not as razor sharp as with the CC2E. I had to work much harder to isolate one signal from the other with the PR-D4W, whereas the CC2E can perform this maneuver almost effortlessly. The PR-D4W has four selectable FM bandwidths, which can aid in receiving weak and crowded signals. They are 40, 60, 85, and 110 KHz. I have noticed that the threshold of FM stereo decoding is higher with the narrower bandwidth settings. In other words, stereo decoding may not occur in lower bandwidth settings unless the received signal is very strong. However, I have received local signals in stereo in the 40 KHz setting.

The SANGEAN PR-D4W's AM performance is very good as well for its size! I suspect its ferrite bar is smaller than that of the C. CRANE CC2E, though I have not opened either of my sets and don't plan to. The CC2E boasts a patented twin coil design exclusive to C. CRANE radios that further maximizes the efficiency of their ferrite rods and tuned IF circuits. I made my observations and comparisons of the SANGEAN PR-D4W and the C. CRANE CC2E models during midday hours when there is little or no sky-wave activity. I performed my tests in a low RFI environment and tuned to several signals throughout the band, which were close to the noise floor. As expected, the CC2E rendered very weak signals with greater clarity and less noise. I estimate that the PR-D4W possesses 85% to 90% of the sensitivity of the CC2E, which is very respectable for its size and price point.

In conclusion, I'm very satisfied with my PR-D4W and it lives up to my expectations. It's a fine bargain at $67.88 shipped from Amazon.

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