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June 30, 2016



Thanks for posting this on Herculodge. It's really difficult to have thoughtful exchanges on YouTube's comment section.

I've been fascinated by this recent flurry of activity in the procuring and flipping of Tier 3 watches. I'm also not so surprised that the Breitling failed to wow you on the first encounter at the jewelry store. I have been in that state as well -- I can't find what I want and I JUST WANT IT TO STOP!

But we all know that the journey is a good part of the destination. I would argue that our research, our watch thoughts as we go to sleep, our watch thoughts when we wake up, our endless watching of video blogs, our internal debates with ourselves, and finally the decision, the acquisition, and then the afterglow is in fact what it's all about.

Yeah it will drive you crazy at times but I think if the solution were to simply go out and buy a Tier 4 or 5 watch and be done with it, that is equally no fun. Watch obsession is about being, well, obsessive. It gives us respite from our mundane daily lives and gives us something to do with our minds in the off-hours. It lets us learn about ourselves and ask deeper questions that should be mulled over: what are my tastes? Why doesn't this watch speak to me? What is the logical path towards a collection that will give us some peace? Why can we never be satisfied? Why are watches something we fret over when most people buy an inexpensive Fossil at department store and are done with it forever?

I don't have a Grail watch and probably never will. I do have innate curiosity and if that leads me to Tier 5 then so be it. There seems to be a lot of Tier 3 and 4 watches I'd like to experience on the way there. It may take a decade or more but that's okay. I'm not in that much of a hurry.


I echo your sentiments. I'm glad you let me know you prefer the videos posted on Herculodge. It's easy to post here. Part of me wants to buy a Super Avenger, but that's 4K on gray market.

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