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July 23, 2016



Great video, great topic. While I own watches from Omega (an old one I inherited), Movado, Bulova, and other higher end brands (higher end than Invicta) I still own more Invictas than any other brand. My favorite affordable/contemporary brand is actually an internet/E-Bay brand, Tauchmeister and Aeromatic. I like those better than my Invictas, but they don't have nearly as many styles, colors, sizes as Invicta does, and since volume/quantity/variety is important to me, I find myself buying more Invicta than anything else. Yes, it might be "wiser" in some ways to have 6 watches instead of 60...six very nice, somewhat expensive watches instead of a mish-mash of six dozen watches all over the spectrum, from Timex and Casio, Invicta and ESQ, etc. But if I had to give up all of those watches, I wouldn't be excited about collecting anymore. And for that purpose----collecting----it's hard to beat Invicta. You did get around to mentioning the Sunday Run----and I do remember you writing about the Sunday Run on the blog, before I even knew what that was. And yes, the days of Shop NBC were memorable (then ShopHQ and now EVINE). In fact, the second Invicta I ever purchased was from you----the rose gold Ocean Reef Reserve. That thing is moderately sized, yet it is solid and heavy. I don't remember what year I bought it from you, but it was quite a while ago----and so far, I have only needed to replace the battery one time. It is deadly accurate too. I recently picked up another Ocean Reef, this time a "Sea Base" model with sapphire crystal. Anyway, yes, I do think you are probably past the point of buying Invicta again, but there's always that chance that you will cross paths with an affordable one that you really like---to fill some niche----and you might want it as a beater or maybe, you will want something with a good Swiss movement and not want to pay a ransom----and Invicta does offer watches at reasonable prices with the Valjoux 7750, the SW200 or some great ones from ETA (2824?). So if for some reason, you want to broaden from the Japanese divers into something with a Swiss engine, but not the multi-thousand dollar price, Invicta is still viable for that. To me, their biggest Achilles heel is the stupidity of the "suggested retail price" being in the thousands of dollars, and them selling the watch for $89.95. That is just too hoaky. And yes, the salesmanship of people like Justin Zimmer could be a turn-off----like pushy car salesman telling tall tales to get you to buy a Pacer. But all in all, I still find myself liking the brand and the variety, liking the collecting aspect of it all. I will say, the fact that you were able to sell 55 watches tells me that the market for Invicta is healthy. There are a lot of watches that simply will not resell on E-Bay or anywhere else unless you practically give them away. Invicta doesn't seem to have that problem. I've owned them for a few years and sold them at near break-even, sometimes even making money on the transaction. That isn't the norm.


Good points, Angelo. We're all different. I feel crazy when my collection gets out of hand in the double digits, but many people like having dozens of watches.

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