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February 11, 2017



So let's say you got a date with her. Things went terrific on the date----you ask her out again, and on the third date, things go so well, you're invited back to her place, a small efficiency apartment. As you are walking up the stairs to get to it, you pass gas---except it's not gas---and suddenly there's a mess in your underwear. You tell her you have to use the bathroom and hurry in. Now you take your clothes off---and try to figure out what to do with the underwear. They smell---you need to get rid of them. There's nowhere in the bathroom or apartment to hide them, so you try flushing them down the toilet, but that causes the toilet to back up and water starts spilling on to the floor. She hears the commotion and asks if you are okay, opening the door---and finding you with no pants on and her toilet overflowing with your wet underwear on the floor. At that point in time---what do you do? Do you even make any attempt at all of explaining? Or do you accept defeat and just quickly put your pants back on and tell her it's been nice knowing her and meekly walk out? What do you do?


Jay Allen has updated his AM Portables Shootout for 2017 (link below says 2016, but title says 2017).


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