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February 23, 2008


Ed S.

Nice find , Jeff. What was the actual selling price, list of $99? But don't expect to see the Receptor dethroned any time soon...if anything, the Receptor's value on Amazon has been rising steadily...even used, they are selling for over $170 now!

Jeff McMahon

The Horizon Solo cost me the full $99. Believe me, with its 3.5-inch speaker, headphone jack and reasonable price point, it's better than the Recepter. It's just a matter of time before it pushes the Recepter off the cliff.


Stereo version with Re,but no RDS:http://www.4electronicwarehouse.com/products/boston-acoustics/horizon-duo-mdnt.html?id=16441&utm_source=GoogleBase&utm_term=DUOMDNT&utm_campaign=boston-acoustics&utm_medium=comparison
I hadn't heard but I guess the BAR is history (J&R no longer selling it). The iPod revolution is changing radios and record business.

Jeff McMahon

My hats off to Boston Acoustics for making the necessary changes in a fast-moving industry. Their Solo is a home run.

Ed S

FYI, You can change the color of the grill: Boston Acoustics’ new Personal Options Plan ((P.O.P.)design concept.P.O.P.lets users customize the look of their radio by offering optional metal grilles availablein a wide variety of colors,including Glacier, Rosebud, Onyx, Pearl Gray, Caramel, Chocolat, Silver,
Spanish Moss, Olive and Chili Pepper. To purchase a new grille, customers can simply visit the Boston
Acoustics website www.bostonacoustics.com/POP) and select the color of their choice or contact
those dealers that will be stocking the grille color options.

Jeff McMahon

I noticed that. Grill colors are a nice option, but I'm overwhelmed by the FM tuner. It's so good it's getting weak stations better than my Kaito 1103 and the Boston relies on a wire antenna. I'm tempted to sell a bunch of radios around the house and replace them with the Horizon Solo.

One curiosity: I turn the radio off and can hear the most recent station played at faint volume through my headphones. What?

Ed S.

What happened to the $40 Eton 100? It is back to 150 on Amazon today.

Jeff McMahon

I assumed they sold out. I even deleted the post. I'd say the radio is worth 90 dollars max. The speaker sound is only okay for me. The reception is not as good as the Horizon Solo though it is above average.

Bob Herrin

Early reports stated that the clock display lost 5 minutes when the radio was on, but reverted to correct time when the radio was off. Anyone experienced this? If it's true, has this been resolved?


Jeff McMahon

I experienced this and so did others. The radio seems to still be in the "bug" stage. Too bad. It's one of the best radios I've ever owned. I have two. Some readers have complained of really bad bugs, the worst being a buzz on AM. My 2 radios haven't been that bad. Until the bugs are worked out, you may want to get a Sangean WR-2 for a clock radio.


Today I went to Target to see the Solo and was very impressed with its sound quality. Prior to hearing the Solo, I was considering the Sangean PR-D5 and now I am interested in hearing from anyone who has both of these units. Is the D5 even close in sound quality or is it equal to or better than the Solo? I realize this is all subjective, but I have no way to preview the D5. The poorly designed sleep timer on the Solo has me bummed because it sounded so good. Thanks for any feedback.


You can buy the Eton E100 from

for $40 plus shipping.

Jeff - one note about your photos. Notice how much nicer are the radio photos you take without flash on your S45 (such as the Horizon Solo ones above). These point and shoot cameras have a harsh flash at close distance.


Paul, thanks for that. I'll avoid the flash. I'm using my wife's Canon.

Jeff (on my wife's computer)

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