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July 07, 2008


gerald johnson

what other radios do you have comming jeff? after the dust settles id love a full critique of your impressions of vintage vs. new.


I just inheretate from my 102 years old Nanny one exactly the same in perfect condition, do you know the year it was made, or how much it is worth?
Thank you

jeffrey McMahon

They're not worth that much since I paid 40. If yours is mint, it might command 50 or more. It doesn't have external FM antenna option so that might keep price down.

How old is it? I found a service manual on eBay but it was undated. I'd have to guess late 60s or early 70s.



I got this from my grandmother. What might it be worth? Thank You

Bruce Smith

My RE-6289 does have a factory FM hook up.

Bruce Smith



Guys: I just got this same radio, the Panny 6289. Mine has the external FM hook-up too.
I paid $20.00 for it (It was $25.00 Buy It Now or best offer. I offered 20.00 and the seller took that---plus $14.99 for shipping). This might be the best $35.00 radio bucks I ever spent. I can't believe how whisper quiet this thing is while tuning---crystal clear audio. It has a nice, rich tone. It is lightweight, which concerned me when I first opened the package. But it's proving to be a nice surprise.


do you know the manufacture year for the re-6289? i have one, thanks.


I am assuming early-mid 70s, but I honestly don't know. This is among my top five radios for audio quality, at least for my ears. It edges out my C Crane EP for talk radio---and I'm a fan of the EP.


I just found a almost mint one in the trash it really has a great sound. I am vary happy with this find. :)

Tito Vel

Guys and Gals I have the model RE-6289. its in excellent condition. im looking to get $ 80.00 for it being that its in almost new condition. it also has the external fm antennae.I live on long island so if anyone is interested, please e-mail me at ([email protected])at that point I'll give my number out and go from there


That's what i'm lookung for, Panasonic re table radio. lol, always imagine that i can grab it, but it's must be expensive for now, because it's too classic.


I used an telescopic antenna and mounted to the rear cover. With all the vent holes, I choose one at the upper left corner.
This has helped me to improve the FM reception.

Does this radio have a dial light that would come on when radio is turned on?


I have a Panasonic Model 6289 radio from the 1970's and would like to have it repaired. Where would I take it for repair here in Little Egg Harbor, NJ or nearby?

Steven Mann

Does it have a lighted dial

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