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August 16, 2008




Can you do a side by side between the RF-2200, the CCradio-SW, and the Sangean PR-D5, and tell us what you think?

Thanks very much


geraLd johnson

now you see what ive been saying jeff. they simply dont make em like that anymore.

jeffrey McMahon

Paul, that's an excellent idea. I just edited my post to reflect those side by sides.


jeffrey McMahon

Gerald, you know your radios.

Mike W

"OK, I'll just try heroin once, to see what it's like"

- Jeff McMahon, future Panasonic RF-2200 owner.

jeffrey McMahon

Mike, let's face it. Once you taste a real radio, you can't go back to the fake stuff. Am I right?

Mike W

As far as portables go, you're mainlining right now, buddy.

I am beginning to think the old-timers who prefer analog are right. Some distant MW stations are so much quieter (signal-to-noise) on my RF-2200 than on my modern digital sets that it's uncanny. Perhaps the 5 IF stages account for that but I'm a little over my head technically there.

Anyway, I meant the junkie reference in jest. I was initially a little let down by my RF-2200 but have come to appreciate it. SW sounds really warm and immediate on it.

I do think it's nice to have at least one good analog-tuned radio in addition to the more convenient modern digitals.


If the main difference between the RF-2200 and PR-D5/CCRadio-SW is audio fidelity, this can be easily rectified with a nice external speaker.

Are there performance differences in terms of digging up weak signals and distant AM/FM stations? Are there stations you can hear comfortably on the Panasonic, but not so on the Sangean or the CCRadio?


jeffrey McMahon


I thought the Eton S350 was my analog but it seems so cheap and trivial next to the 2200.


The PR-D5 is great on AM but strains to get the hard to get FM stations 103.1 and 88.9. You really have to move the antenna around whereas the 2200 gets these stations with ease.


So in that case it looks like the CCRadio-SW is closest to the RF-2200 in terms of AM/FM performance, lacking only in audio fidelity in comparison.

I will wait to see what happens with the Redsun RP3000, due out later this year (hopefully). CCrane will market it in the US.

Mike W

Paul, Jeff,

My observation has been that the RF-2200 is a better receiver on MW (AM) & SW than the CSW/S350DL (and even the CCRadio/PR-D5 on MW) before the signal even gets to the audio stage. Much less background hiss and squealing.

What never ceases to amaze me is how subjective users' evalution of radio performance can be. People rave about MW on the S350DL/CSW/RP2100 but they struck me as roughly equal to each other on MW, better than average but nothing special. The three share many components. The CSW apparently has the same MW antenna as the 2100 (and I think the 350 as well) in spite of being marketed as have a special "twin coil ferrite" antenna.

The CCRadio and the PR-D5 share some components, have similar MW performance, and it seems to me, are clearly better on MW than the other three.

The modern sets seem to generally do better on FM. I can't see recommending an RF-2200 primarily on the basis of FM performance, although it's good on that band as well. It's just no boombox, it's more for MW/SW voice programming.

Paul, I am going out on a limb here by commenting on a radio that has not been released yet, but I was also waiting to buy a Redsun RP3000/3100 last year, but I don't have especially high expectations for it as a MW receiver. It seems to me that the improvements over the 2100 will (mostly) help on SW. Single sideband (and sync detection if the high-end model ever gets released) can help on some MW signals, but I expect the 3000/3100 to be essentially the same MW receiver as the 2100.

Juan Pablo

Hello from Argentina!
To minimize the subjective aspects of radio performance I think it could be very interesting if you can post recordings of the same stations as received by either one or another receiver. (Sites like http://www.divshare.com/ allow you to upload audio and post these in a blog).
I'm also the owner of a RF-2200 and have a lot of other receivers so I know what you mean, but I think an audio clip is the best way to compare.


Could you please compare the RF-2200 with the RF-4800/4900 models?
A lot of us have one or the other of these models and it would be interesting to know which if any is better especially in the receive department. Thanks


let's not forget the incredible TFM1000W Sony. Puts the s350dl to shame. I gave mine away, I was so disappointed...no lie.

tom s

I would like to buy your Panasonic rf2200 radio if it is for sale. A reasonable price of $75 would be fine with me. Please e-mail me at tsherid6@aol.com. thank you.

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