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August 28, 2008



I always liked the radios with top mounted controls and display. I guess I just like the idea of having the radio hang from my shoulder and adjusting the thing while its at my side. Glad you found the radio in such good condition.

Mike W

That's great, Jeff, I'm glad you're happy with the new/old Panasonic.

Me, I'd want SW at that price, but I do love the tuning knob on the RF-888, it's big and solid.

jeffrey McMahon

No SW for me. BBC is on FM 89.3 all night where I live. I can't think of any other SW stations.

The 888 is easily to fall in love with. Everything I'd want in a radio.

gerald j

vintage. there is no substitute.


If you can find one of these radios I highly suggest you purchase the unit.
The sound is great, and the loudness switch is a good option too.The larger speaker really does make all the difference. The bass, treble controls are sensitive as you would hope them to be.
The radio has a very solid quality to it. The switches are very sturdy.With the batteries in it this is one heavy radio.
I have been listening to a grundig S450DLX for some time and was always craving a more detailed image,with some smoothness to it and the 888 is perfect in that catagory,especially for classical and jazz.
Also as far as tuning in FM stations this does it better, you might miss the digital factor at first,but once you locate your stations you have a afc switch to help lock them in.
Here in southern california the recption has been very good.
It is said that if a radio has some character to it you will listen to it more,and the RF888 is just the radio for a fm generation.


Hi, I need this diagram , have you? thanls

John Case

Did anyone ever come up with a service manual for this radio? I have come up empty after a lot of web searching, as well as manual sites such as SAMS.

I also need the factory knobs and rings for the volume, bass, and treble controls. Encompass parts still has some parts for this radio, and while they list several knobs, they have no pictures so I do not know which knobs are which. They do have the factory part numbers, so if I could get a parts list with descriptions, that would help as well.

John Case

I finally managed to find the service manual for this radio, The Panasonic RF-888. I uploaded it to the Yahoo Panaport Group in the files section. I can also email a copy to anyone in need.



I know this is a bit of an old post, but any chance you car re upload it as mine suddenly died and I need to get it back up and running. Thanks.

Leon Thomas

We have the same radio Panasonic RF 888 was thinking of selling it

Leon Thomas

John ..can you email the manual


I just bought a clean RF-888 on Ebay for $72.50 w/free shipping.Previously I bought a clean RF-1080 for $50.00. Seems like the prices I paid for these two radios were the going prices back in 1975.


Could you email the service manual to me for the Panasonic RF 888


Hello, my name is Jose, I'm from Argentina and I bought this radio to restore, would be so kind to send me the service manual, thank you very much.

Bob Cummins

Hello, I need a schematic of the RF-888 can someone email it to me or provide a link?

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