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September 20, 2008


gerald j


check this baby out!

jeffrey McMahon

Paul, that National Panasonic qualifies as a Radio Uber Alles. Love it.


Were these made in the USA? (Going on some comments above I thought they might be...)

Here in Australia there were similar models on sale (I can't remember the model number/s) almost exactly the same external look, but the radios have no FM section. (FM being introduced later in Aust.)

Chris O'Reilly

I have one of these, The version that has no FM (R-3000) instead it has LW, MW, and 4 shortwave bands covering seamlessly from the broadcast band all the way up to 30Mhz. I sort of envy yours still having the front cover, otherwise mine is in pretty good condition, everything works. Recently had to replace all the electrolytic capacitors though as mine was losing volume and getting rather distorted, it now sounds better than it ever did since I bought it at the antiques store, Nice punchy bass! only thing missing is a BFO for SSB reception, not a problem, built one feeding into a loop placed near my monster R-3000 :D

Ferdinand Gonz

Hey, the RF-3000 is nice and really fine radio. I have one to be repaired. Need the schematics. Someone can help me???

Keith Beesley

Ferdinand Gonz, here's one but it'll cost you around USD 16.00...


Dennis Botting

I found one of these hulks for $30 eBay via estate sale.seller, probably because they didn't know what it was. I couldn't believe it when I hefted it out of box . Missing front panel, but everything works, even tuning meter and dial light. I thought I knew my Panasonics but I never knew heard about this model until I got it. Classy drum tuning, sound is incredible. Does it really have 2 speakers inside, one 7"? More fun than my T/A 3000, better FM (except for my Wave) than any other radio I have. Maybe so many survived intact because they were so well-built and just TOO HEAVY to move around much.
I wonder what price was new?

ramon ventura

The description of the panasonic rf3000 a radio is very interesting, and I recently bought one, it is in regular condition, the FM if it works but the AM is almost deaf, someone could help me with informing me where to buy a copy of the service manual.
thank you very much for everything you post

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