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October 02, 2008



What you have there is a REAL RADIO as opposed to small, modern "Radio Signal Listening Devices." Once you go vintage, it's hard to come back. That's a really good looking radio---I wonder how much they would charge for something that size, made of those materials, today?

jeffrey McMahon

My guess is about $250.


See ebay item 300296677726 - RF-1600 for $50.

Bill Karda

Just purchased an RF-1600 in excellent physical and electrical condition from Ebay for $147.50. Worth every cent! Sound, sensativity and selectivity are all excellent. Astonding performance for a radio with only a 3 foot antenna! SW performance matches my Grundig Satellit 800!


I have a 1600 that I use every day in my kitchen. It has a fairly wide bandwidth on AM, so music sounds fantastic on it. I use it with my SSTran AM transmitter to listen to internet streaming in the kitchen. Sounds almost as good as FM. (Sounds better than FM on a cheap boom box!)

Anthony DiCio

I just purchased a RF 1600c at a local Estate sale for $10. This radio is heavy and well built. The sound is great. What a find!


Anthony: Nice going. What a steal.

Doug H

I have an RF-1600, and while it does have great sound, mine is a bit lacking in the RF department. The VHF band is completely deaf. A Terk AM loop makes a huge difference in reception, which makes me believe that it is in great need of an alignment or other repair. Is there anybody around who can perform a tune-up on these beasts?


Got mine for $3 at a resale shop. Dirty,dusty, broken antenna, dial light button doenst work to turn off light. Cleaned up nicely, taped antenna and it works beautifully. Great sound, great look. Love it. Can even play ipod using phono jack.


Now THAT'S a radio. In all fairness it would cost a bundle now, but it did then as well.
We've gotten used to "cheap".
To be honest I have never been crazy about the S350 models. I think they are extremely overrated. So much so that a review (Jay Allen who I think has done some excellent work and I find to be just about always spot on) saying that the Redsun/Kaito/CC-SW is comparable on MW/AM put me off of that radio...though I am still curious.


I have one of these radios. I got it for a dollar at a flea market twenty years ago and it has sat in my metal shop since. It is filthy, the slides are scratchy, and it is dented from many tumbles, yet it still plays my baseball games from a distance my modern radios can not even hear.



I just purchased this from a church thrift store for $8 bucks- it said not working on the sticker, but something kept sucking me back to it. Got it home- everything works, except can't pick up any stations (have the top antenna) but I saw on Youtube there is a back external? Does anybody know if that can help? I'm determined to get this gal up and running! Thanks!

Phil Ireland

I just bought one off e thingy and had it posted to my home in Australia. What a radio! I love it! In almost mint condition.I did a quick comparison with a Sangean ATS-803A and I have to say the 1600 is much better. Very sensitive, average selectivity but room filling sound! These radios were never released for Australia and as such have only the 110/120VAC capability and as Australia has 240 VAC mains, I run this radio off batteries only. I run most of my portable radios off batteries anyway, much quieter. The radio is built like a tank and is a quality bit of kit. If you have the opportunity, get one, you won't be disappointed! Highly recommended.

Chuck Boyles

Just picked up one at an estate sale for 15 bucks. What a steal! This radio is so well built nothing on the market today built like this.It was scratchy so I opened it up and gave it a good cleaning and that was all it took,it now works perfect great reception and sound. I'm going to really enjoy this radio. If you ever see one for sale don't walk past it, you won't regret it.

Douglas Peters

I recently purchased a Panasonic RF-1600.The battery compartment was loaded with acid , battery door missing , both chrome cosmetic end pieces missing.Powered up ,however, massive amounts of static.Gave it an intense cleaning. Works and sounds as good as the one my dad gave me when I was 16...Shortwave reception is my main interest..she pulls it in nicely.

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