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January 31, 2009


Mike W

Well, I suppose the phrase "lipstick on a pig" got beaten to death in 2008 and I shouldn't use it, but I think it applies to the new G3.

The G3 by all indications will be a G5 with sync detection added. I briefly owned a G5 and returned it to Radio Shack. By no means was the lack of sync detection the problem. The G5 was typical of the electronic gadgets we get now - a compact, slick little electronic marvel with lots of features and buttons and a cool blue display which still somehow gives the impression that it won't last all that long, that's it's only meant to be used till the next trinket comes along. But even the quality issue was not what soured me on the radio, which actually had pretty good performance - it was the G5's ergonomics. The G5 was simply way too small.

It's hard to get an accurate sense of scale from the G5/G3 photos, but many of the buttons are as small as chicklets. When you hold the G5 it's like some kind of a movie prop, or something meant for a dollhouse. They do an impressive job of squeezing sound out of that tiny speaker, but it is still just that - a tiny speaker.

So I got a Sony ICF-SW7600GR, which is reviewed below. As Ed points out, the meager audio output spoils what is otherwise a fine little receiver, so I run the line out to my PR-D5 and I get compact-but-useable Sony quality with pretty good sound.

Now if the folks at the BBC would just come to their senses and resume SW broadcasting to North America, I'd be all set.


On E-Bay: Here is an old Admiral that isn't seen often---bidding very low and looks to be in great working condition: 390027176815

On this post: I'm not thrilled with "badge engineering" unless it's the lesser known, cheaper brand rebadging a more expensive brand (i.e. JCPenney rebadging Panasonics). I'm no expert on these newer radios, but if you can buy the "same" Degen for less, I would go that route I guess (unless you plan to re-sell, when the Grundig name might be worth a few dollars).


If you think the Grundig G5 has small buttons, try the Kaito 1102. Whoa.

¾ Blind

I've had an Eton E5 for about one year purchased from Ham Radio Outlet (HRO) $100. I use it almost every day; so far the E5 has performed flawlessly, cross my fingers. The ergonomics can be a bit frustrating especially keeping track of whether the display is in "page" or "clock" mode. When in page mode the 7 direct-access memory buttons (7 presets per page) provide for single button station access like the Sony 2010. I have 7 talk stations programed in one page to hop around. The E5 replaces a Sony ICF-7601, an analog tuned dual conversion SW radio. One advantage of the 7601 is it will keep running on batteries at a lower voltage than the E5, about 0.8 V per cell for the 7601 vs. 1.1 V per cell for the E5.


Thanks, I'll post it.

S Patrick

E5/G5 overpriced in my opinion at $149, get the Kaito 1103 which is 60 bucks cheaper but the same radio internally.

While some criticize the size of the G5, a lot of people like myself consider the smaller size a bonus. I prefer the G6 as my real portable, I can carry it like an ipod.

And be careful about attaching an external wire to the whip via gator clips on the E5/G5/KA1103 , many have reported blowing out circuits doing that.


That's good advice. I'll post it. Thanks.


BBC is usually tunable 24/7 on the east coast. 15.4 pretty much whenever the sun is up. 9.41 in afternoon, 6.005 at night.

mostly ascension and seychelles, some rampisham in the mix

have to use my Schaub Lorenz since ye ole 1103 is just too susceptible to local noise

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