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January 31, 2009



E-Bay 200304781248
Panasonic RF-3000 claims to be in good working order. Bidding low but still six days to go.
In my opinion, the 3000 is the best of the big vintage Panasonic multi-bands. Like the looks, like the performance, like the brand.


Please change the title to review of the sony icf-sw7600GR
Icf-7600 is a completely different radio.

S Patrick

This portable would be almost perfect if it had a tuning knob. The new Grundig G3 (replacing the G5/KA1103) is supposed to have synch and separate LSB/USB like 7600GR... If it works, the G3 would be a better choice.

The sideband reception of the 7600GR is awesome for a portable.

Plenty of retailers on amazon still have this radio but I wonder how long it's been out of production??

It's too bad that Sony has given up on the Shortwave market.

Sony had quite a few big boom radios in K-mart today and even a AM/FM/Weather classic sized portable radio.


Ed, i concur with all youve said about this radio. i bought mine for sentimental reasons as you have correctly pointed out that the 7600gr is sony's last hurrah for portable shortwave. no audio powrehouse but a perfect traveler with tuning prowess. my one real gripe is the same as S.Patrick, no tuning knob bugs me. mine is put up and pristine. i was gonna sell it but ive changed my mind. a made in japan sony is a keeper.


Yes, Gerald, besides no Tuning knob, it's not very intuitive...tuning and band changing takes a lot of button-pushing. And God help you if you haven't read the manual.


yep, the manual is about the size of "war and peace".

Mike W

Before settling on a 7600 recently, I looked at and/or tried a number of the current crop of small SW radios available, and it struck me that only this Sony had the kind of build quality that you could taken for granted 10 or 15 years ago.

The Etons, Tecsuns, etc, really do pack a lot of electronics into small cases for the price, but the build quality has tangibly deteriorated.


The new Tecsun CR-1100 has a ton of great features but seems ready to die any moment. BTW, my exchange from Kaito has not arrived and I've waited since January 19.

Biff Biffsky

The English part of the manual is 40 sparse tiny pages... nothing to worry about.

What I'd like to determine is whether the external antenna jack actually supplies voltage per the manual's claim and/or whether it's suitable for a plug-tipped random wire.


I just received a 7600GR from an E-Bay seller. Apparently, he bought it last year when he went sailing in the Bahamas----said it was a popular radio among boaters down there. I bought it for $91.00 plus shipping, which is expensive for a used radio that's available for $140.00----but it came with the reel antenna, manual and case, and appears to be in excellent condition, so why not save the money? So far, I like it for build quality and performance----but as written here, it's not intuitive. I'm still figuring things out.


ttractively designed digital picture frame; decent image quality; relatively inexpensive; USB connectivity for cameras and thumbdrives; 128MB of built-in memory along with slots for SD/MMC, Memory Stick, and XD cards. Also, the firmware is upgradeable and there's an integrated clock with a timer that turns the frame's display on or off at a specific time.

Rogelio Hernández Hernández

Hoy adquirí el ICF-SW7600GR, el mayor tiempo lo utilizaré en la Cd. de México, aún no puedo opinar de su funcionamiento, físicamente me parece de mucha calidad sus materiales, propio de un Sony, aunque al agitarlo presenta un golpeteo en si interior, ¿alguien me puede informar si es normal ese golpeteo?

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