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February 28, 2009


Mike W

I'll get a wifi radio at some point, and yet I find the whole idea charmless.

Analog radio - especially MW & SW at long range - is scratchy, uncertain, catch-as-catch-can.

That makes a hobby of it, and accounts for much of its appeal.

Jeffrey McMahon

I find I don't podcast Adam Corolla and Dr. Dean Edell since they were taken off my radio waves. There is something about regular radio.

I remember hating satellite radio, feeling far removed from it, a couple of years ago.

Scott Atkinson

I'm back and forth on the subject. I think net radio works the line between radio/not radio.

Obviously, streaming of on-air signals is just radio by other means.

The less obvious issue is - are internet only stations 'radio'? And if they are, what about pandora/last f.m./slacker?

I think internet only stations are radio, because they meet my most important test: am I a passenger on this trip?

When I want to hear what *I think* I like, I'll dip into my ridiculously large collection of cds and vinyl and downloads.

When I want to hear someone else's take, I listen to the radio.

By that same token, i think pandora/last f.m./slacker aren't radio, because they are too calculated to please me. I feel about them like I feel about big ipods on shuffle - I may be surprised by how one piece of music bumps up against the other, but at the end of the day I'm still talking to myself.

As for the Tivoli, I want one, but not at that price point.

Scott A.


I wonder if a better solution (both price- and feature-wise) could be what one commenter of the article suggests: get something like the Roku Soundbridge.

Plug that to a Tivoli Model 1 (or your favourite radio), and for about half the price of the Tivoli Web, you have a cute radio with AM, FM, web radio and streaming from the 'puter.

Check out for example picture #12 on http://www.roku.com/community_showcase.php

Jeffrey McMahon

Cyril, that sounds like the way to go.

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