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March 28, 2009


S Patrick


The same review you did the past and the same fact that you omit that the 1103 has a tuning knob and the 4000 doesn't along with no shortwave, ssb review.

It's like reviewing a chevy to a mercedes, and saying the chevy is better because it's easier to move the stick from Park to Drive.

Herc doesn't review the shortwave part of radios. That's the major flaw on this blog (along with all the repeat postings being a close second). A real review between these two radios that INCLUDES all the features can be found here.


Scroll down to Crane Lopes review to read a real review of these two radios.

That's what you call an expert review.

Tom Welch

Jeff, you can drive more eyeballs to your blog if you learn to use Twitter more effectively. Checkout this video link: http://neuronspark.com/videos/guy-kawasaki-spamurai/

Jeffrey McMahon

I don't listen to SW and update some posts, or repeat the post, if there's an update such as Universal selling the refurbished YB400.

Also, my review is based on personal preference and I'll leave it that.

I don't know who led you into believing that my blog is written from the kind of tech expert you want. For that, you should look elsewhere.


I like Jeff's reviews---but I also like the regulars here who elaborate on some of his thoughts or offer counter points. I'm not an audio expert either----and I find that Herc's evaluations often cover things I care about, while some audiophiles' reviews ponder on and on over technical data I don't give a rat's hoot about.

Jeffrey McMahon

Einstein defines insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. SP keeps coming back to this blog and venting his displeasure. He should follow his bliss. Happy travels to him.

Mike W.

Atta boy, Jeff.

It's your blog and you can write whatever the hell you want.

Jeffrey McMahon

Sincere criticism is welcome, but I have to repel personal insults.


almost a rule that older is better with shortwave units. at least back to late 60s / early-mid 70s

1103 lacks a manly speaker, and buried behind cheap plastic and cloth/foam to boot..

Jeffrey McMahon

Good point. I should emphasize: The speaker on the G4000 is twice as good as the 1103's.


I think this blog should evolve and add a forum so anybody could talk of whatever they feel like and be as technical as they want to... let's evolve or else. BTW I'm with you jeffrey let's not tolerate insults.

Jeffrey McMahon

Thanks, Hugo. I will post techie reviews. That's just not where I'm coming from.


And my point was not that I'm opposed to tech talk---only that there's room for other discussion too, like ergonomics. Since it's Herc's blog and since it seems to be somewhat popular, he's doing something right.

Jeffrey McMahon

I'm giving a layman's impressions. I never promised to do more than that.


Jeff's blog is the best. Period.


I own enough radios to open a small electronics store. I also do many mods on my radios so I really get to see the guts of them and what they are made of inside. I have both radios also. The G4000 may be made in China but it was designed by Grundig Germany before they were sold. It's a logical, thoughtful design with great German engineering.

I won't get into every detail or attempt an 'expert' review. But the radio, ergonomically is almost perfect. Funny that advocates of the 1103 would mention the tuning knob, how about we talk about a dam dedicated volume knob??? How about we talk about SSB on the 1102 without going to memory page 9? Chinese design is evident in those subpar radios. They feel like little kids toys, tiny little buttons, weird ergonomics, confusing designs. The plastic on the 1103 is paper thin.

I've had two 1103's, on one of them the plastic broke from pulling on the hand strap. On the other the LED lighting malfunctioned. I've had my YB400 drop off the kitchen floor onto ceramic tile with only very minimum cosmetic damage.

Performance is ok on the 1103 for a radio that feels disposable. I'm one that actually likes the simulated analog dial but I'm just not a fan of these cheap, miniature shortwaves coming out of China. I guess they are good for kids or guys with small little hands. I have owned a few of them and sold them all except the 1103 which I use strictly when I want to do some comparisons.

The YB400 is a beautifully designed radio with great performance (I do an anti-mute mod on most of my radios). It's a classic and like the Sony 2010 they will be in demand many years later. Don't expect those cheap China designed radios to have longevity. I would never trust one as my sole radio abroad. I DO trust my 2010 and YB400.

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