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April 30, 2009



Ed's comments point to two things:
1) A much older high quality radio by Panasonic more than holds its own against newer technology. Score one for the classics.
2) But just as interestingly, this was by no means a blow-out---so for people like me, who automatically gravitate toward vintage radios (in large part for their performnce), the Kaito deserves a look.
I'm wondering though---when the Kaito/CCrane is as old as this 2200, will it hold up as well?

Ken K.

Good report, thanks. I have the 2 radios and my results are about the same as yours. They are very close on AM Sensitivity.

I hardly ever use the 2200 for anything but AM DXing, it's a little too bulky to lug around and frankly the FM/SW antenna is not that easy raise and lower..I'm always afraid I'm going to wind up bending it. The 2100 is usually my go-to radio for FM/SW portability.

Of course I like the digital tuning on the Kaito, but the RF2200 analog dial is about the most accurate dial on any analog radio I own. I almost always know exactly what frequency I'm on.

PS: In spite of Herc's opinion, I think the sound on the 2100 is pretty damn good, especially on FM. Must be a difference in hearing preferences.

Jeffrey McMahon

Ken, I have been too harsh on the the 2100. I should not compare its sound to the Boston Acoustics Horizon Solo and Duo. That's apples and oranges. The 2100 is fine on FM, less so on AM.

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