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May 30, 2009



Finally you´ve tested a GESR2, it was about time !... Know that this radio could be even more sensitive on AM/FM if you take your time to align it (an improvement of 50% is very likely). I´ve found that not all SR1 and 2 have the same componentes and as you pointed out the F series was the best (it had some circuits changes to improve the FM reception) although AM circuits are the same. By the way the SR1 and 2 have on FM a ceramic filter of 280 whereas the SR3 have a 230 Khz. and the less KHZ the most sensitive and selective the radio is. If you need more info go to :


Also look at this link

Ken K.

Hi. Thanks for the info on the GE SR Model #'s. I've had mine since the early 90's and never knew there were different letter versions. Turns out I have the "F" model, which makes sense since I think I bought it toward the end of the GE SR2 Production run. (If anyone needs to know, the Model # is shown in the power cord storage compartment)

On a side note, what sold me on this radio, other than it's reputation, was a print ad that was running in magazines at the time. It showed a guy at a campsite, relaxing in a camp chair with his legs stretched out. On the picnic table in front of him was the GE Super Radio. The text extolled the virtues of the sound quality of the radio. I wanted to be that guy, so I bought the radio. Just a very effective piece of advertising. I'd love to be able to find an online copy of that ad. I still think of it whenever I use the radio.

Jeffrey McMahon

Ken, great ad. I want to be that dude.

Huesby, thanks for the info. I hope you get a radio with DSP so we can hear your take on it.


I too have a GESR2 series F. I think I saw the same ad as Ken. The radio runs forever on a set of batteries. After all the years, I managed to put a bend in the antenna. OUCH!

Anyone know where I can obtain a replacement antenna to put it back into mint shape?

I recently bought a Redsun RP2100. A very nice sounding radio. Good controls and a solid build quality. Heavy with the set of D cells. I bought an extra antenna when I made the RP2100 purchase, I think the GESR2 knew about the spare parts.


Did you ever find a replacement antenne for super radio.....I need one. Thanks

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