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June 30, 2009



You'll never have a more loyal friend. I feel the same way about my dog. THANKS for taking care of Gretchen.

Jeffrey McMahon

Mark Twain would agree with you. I can't remember his famous quote but it's in concert with what you've just said. Thanks.



I've got dogs and I am fond of them, but I think it's a primate thing... Maybe we think of them as children we must take care of, etc. Have you ever seen older people with dogs? They kind of treat them like kid substitutes. Whole life revolves around them. I guess there are worse things, but I think this dog attachment (and human attachment from the dog) is a quirk of evolution. Now, I need to go walk my little baby Snuggles so he can take care of business and then we can slide in a Rockford DVD. He seems to like the car chases the best.


It's a primate thing indeed. Dogs are children who never grow up. Weird fact: My dog becomes soothed and especially relaxed when I fold laundry. I sometimes wonder if an elderly person owned Gretchen, someone who folded clothes a lot, and then died and somehow Gretchen became homeless in the aftermath.


I had an Irish Setter, from when I turned about 12 years old, until he died when I was around 24. My life wouldn't have been the same without Clancy. Sometimes, I still have dreams about him. Someone I worked with told me Clancy "visits" me in the dreams---somewhere, he's still alive. I don't know about all of that, but I do know he was a true friend.

Gary Kinsman

That's a beautiful dog. What breed is it?

Jeffrey McMahon

She's a 100% Finnish Spitz, related to the German Spitz, the Samoyan, and the American Eskimo dog.


Jeff, this is off the dog topic, back on the weight topic. I need a menu for 2450 calories which is what u need to eat if you want to weigh 185. i guarantee i ate 4000 today. thanks

Jeffrey McMahon

I'll work on that menu soon. I could benefit from a 2,600 one for now. I'm a little over 3,000. Tomorrow is my day off. I should give this 2450 menu a shot then.

Jim Tedford

Your description of your relationship with Gretchen is proof that humans are, in fact, a wonderful and redeemable species.

What you describe can also be applied to those who are cat people. Just substitute "cat" for "dog" in your narrative and you will be describing millions of people who think and feel exactly like you.

Humans have developed complex relationships with animals. But our relationship with dogs and cats is special. We took them from their wild heritage; in return, we've agreed to do everything we can to make them safe and happy.

They give us so much, and ask so very little in return.

pet health

Older dogs require special care and attention to keep them healthy, comfortable, and feeling loved specially in their old age.


We need people that care about the animals in their care, about finding homes for the adoptables and offering education and advise to the citizens of KCK.

Leonard B Stilwell II

I feel ya "dawg". I'm right there with you.

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