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July 28, 2009



If the G3 generally works as well as the G5/E5, and it has a sync detector that works as well as that in the Sony 7600GR, then the G3 will be a winner.


I still haven't had much luck with my G3's sync detector. Whether it is a defect in my particular radio, my inexperience with it or the overwhelming electrical noise in my location, I can't say.

Other than that, the G3 has met most of my expectations.


If you are in a room with electrical interference like computers then you will probably not reap the benefits of a sync detector. I get poor SW results on all my SWs in our computer room. Try taking your radio outside or to another room.

When I had a Sony with Sync I did not have very many occasions when I needed it. Sometimes when I had a poor signal it simply would not clear it up as it does not address all shortwave gremlins. However on occasion it would make an unlistenable signal listenable. As a results I feel the feature is an asset.

I would let Grundig know if your sync detection is not working so they can get you a replacement.


A selective-sideband sync detector should be able to do the following:

1) Reduce or eliminate selective-fading distortion on AM signals (MW or SW). On MW, this distortion typically occurs at night (or during twilight). On SW, it can occur at any time of day.

2) Reduce or eliminate interference on one side of a signal. For example, if you want to listen to 660 kHz, but there is a strong local on 670 kHz causing interference, then the sync detector should be switched to LSB sync (the side farthest from the interfering signal).

Note: LSB/USB sync is not compatible with MW IBOC (HD Radio) signals. For this, DSB sync is needed, and the only portable radio that currently has it is the Eton E1 series.

Terry,  the Helpful IBOC Hater

You can get rid of IBOC hiss with SSB.

If your IBOC station is on 1230, then this hiss ranges will be from 1240-1245 and 1220-1215.

To listen to 1240, use the LSB and a narrow filter. Yes you're listening towards the signal on 1230, but away from the hiss.

To listen to 1220, use the USB and a narrow filter.

Not perfect, but I've rescued many weaker MW stations out of the hash that way.


Thanks, Terry for the useful info on getting rid of IBOC hash.

What I was referring to is listening to the IBOC station itself using LSB or USB sync (or normal LSB or USB). This causes what I call "IBOC roar," which may make the station unlistenable.

Barry Lipscomb

What are the intial impressions on this radio? Sensitivity, Selectivity, sound quality, LCD, build quality etc.

Terry,  the Radio Donator

Oh, I see what you mean, Gary. My second E1 arrived today, so I was able to verify what you said, that only the DSB sounds right with IBOC, at least with a local station (which shouldn't need AM Sync anyway, should it?) My first E1 has been on indefinite loan to a sick family member who wanted to listen to WWCR.


Initial impressions?

Sensitivity is great, better than my old Sony 7600GR. Not that I have them side by side, but the Grundig seems to tune in better just with its stock antenna than my Sony did with its external AN-LP1 antenna.

Sound quality is alright for its size. I hooked my ipod up to my G3 as an external speaker; certainly is not high fidelity, but it is acceptable.

Build quality seems solid with two exceptions. There is some wobble on the dial, which seems to be a curse on radios in this price range. Also, the antenna rubs a bit against the black finish when you adjust it certain ways. That's more of a design flaw.

The LCD display is clear, the light is a bright blue. The clock is displayed in radio mode, a nice touch.

Selectivity is generally ok, though there were a couple times a strong station and a weak station were having it out...something I could sometimes correct with the Sony's attenuation dial, but not available on the G3 (though there is a local/DX switch).

One feature I miss is being able to scan through your programmed frequencies, something that could be handy for the air band, for example.

In spite of a few hiccups, this is one of my favorite radios.


Thank You for the info. I realize the speaker is small but would you describe the sound as tinny, warm or flat? Does it pull in clearly your difficult AM & FM stations in your area?


Universal radio now has the G3 up for sale.

Tom Welch

TW, the Sangean ATS 909 has RDS.



I would call the speaker a little tinny. There is no tone control. Definitely not Megabass. I mean it has a richer sound than say, my Tecsun R9012. Stereo FM sounds pretty good with headphones.

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