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July 02, 2009



I don't know anything about this either---but just looking at it, I suspect it's overpriced and probably worth closer to $25.00 or $30.00. I haven't seen a radio like this branded as an Aiwa, but I see an awful lot of very similar looking radios out of China---under 15 bucks.


AIVA is Japanese Brand Company. It’s sale product in Europe, not in US or CA. With luck of competitions in Japan it is not very popular, but still has good quality.


Yes---I'm familiar with Aiwa as they sold quite a few radios, tape decks, etc. in the U.S. in the 1980s. They were decent products. I haven't heard from them in a while, and wonder if this is truly an "Aiwa" designed radio---or is it a Chinese product branded as an Aiwa just to trade off a known name.

Jim Tedford

Aiwa was a big name in portable audio in the 80s and early 90s. I remember searching eBay and other sources trying to find a specific model of portable radio/tape player with TV audio to listen to on my daily commute.

The brand disappeared by the late 90s. I wonder if this resurrection is just of the brand name. I fully expect to see the "Hallicrafters" name to show up someday soon on a cheap Chinese portable radio or MP3 player.


"...The Aiwa Corporation slid towards bankruptcy until it was purchased by competitor Sony Corporation. As of October 1, 2002, Aiwa ceased to be a separate company and became a wholly owned division of Sony Corporation..."

From Wikipedia



José Maria Fernandes Lima

estou interessado em comprar este rádio, como faço?

Keith Beesley

Jose, Não sei se este modelo ainda está disponível, mas para mim é muito parecido com um rádio que está disponível no Ebay da China:


Keith Beesley

ou um presente, que eu costumava ter até que eu perdi:-). Muito bom em ondas médias e ondas curtas.


Howard Bailey

I just bought this radio from a popular second hand store chain in Canada and have never been so happy with a portable radio. It has great FM and AM(MW) and seven bands of shortwave. The AM band works as well as any AM car radio and the shortwave is as good as any I've ever owned - definitely more compact. The best thing about this radio is the FM (switchable mono/stereo). I live in a small valley in the foothills of a mountain range and have trouble receiving FM signals but this radio picks up lots of stations clearly. The single small speaker doesn't do the unit justice but if you line the stereo headphone output into a stereo or a computer it sounds excellent! It's also equipped with a hold button so if you have it in your pocket it won't change bands or turn off.
I've seen this radio sell used for between $29 and $50 depending on condition. When you consider the equivalent Sony you'd be looking at prices between $70 and $150.

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