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July 02, 2009



Eooww, Uiiii, Eooww, Earth calling to jeff, Earth calling to Jeff, Earth calling to Jeff...... Get a part job as writer in a local newspaper and from them on begin to climb to your dream and don´t forget to charge for those dogs walk....bip bip bip.....Hehehe... Don´t mind the sarcasm but I ´m serious in my advice, as your writing is excellent !

Jeffrey McMahon

Hugo, I don't mind writing for free evidenced by this blog. Thanks.


Well, at least blogging is a lot cheaper than therapy...

Jeffrey McMahon

And involves less naval-gazing . . . hopefully.


Radio interviews aren't all they're cracked up to be. As the erstwhile author of 10, I don't miss those days of getting up at 4:30 A.M. and trying to be witty with some over-caffeinated East Coast drive-time jocks. And Publishing has changed: 50% of all books are now self-published. Nothing prevents you from self-published. Read the stories of some best-selling self published books, like "The Christmas Box" and "Chicken Soup for the Soul" for some ideas. No one beats down your door for your book or your blog; you gotta SELL it.

S Patrick

Man point #475 - real men do not walk the neighbors dog on a leach in public.

Go the woods and let the dogs roam free. That's how a man walks a dog.


we got a half rhodesian ridgeback/half chocolate lab for my son for christmas. the thing gained 30 lbs in about 2 weeks, and now at 8 months, he's probably 80-90 pounds and is eye level with the top of the kitchen counter. sweet dog, very intelligent, it takes about a 4-6 mile run to to take the edge off of him. one week i ran him probably 26 miles off road in west virginia and he just lapped that up.. i'm worried i'm damaging his growth plates or joints but typically when i am running he is just kind of in a trot or fast walk and so far, so good.

anyhow, the dog whisperer says: "walking to a dog is like flying to a bird."

jeffrey McMahon

The first time I saw a Ridgeback was in Kenya, must have been a transplant from South Africa. This was back in 1973. My neighbor has one that he rescued a few years back. Very smart, loyal dog.

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